China Travel 2.0: Helping travelers get acquainted with China

May 7th, 2009 | Posted by Toffler in event | media

Have you ever traveled to a country and wished that you had some local friends to help show you around and deal with the language? We’re experimenting with this idea for the China Travel 2.0 tour.

China Travel 2.0 is bringing a number of travel editors for a two-week trip through China in early June. Their trip will look at the changes China is undergoing and how technology plays a role in that, with a specific emphasis on technology’s affect on travel. When traveling internationally knowing another language is incredibly useful,  so when we were asked to help them learn Chinese, we were ready and willing!

While Shanghai and Beijing are relatively foreigner friendly, a little bit of travel Chinese can go a long way for enhancing the experience. Imagine not being able to express thanks (xiexie, 谢谢) or say that you don’t want to purchase that tourist trinket (don’t want, buyao, 不要). Specifically, italki is helping the travelers find Chinese teachers through our Language Marketplace. We’re also helping the travelers find friends in each of the cities they are visiting, so they can get a local perspective on the best things to experience.

When the tour returns to Shanghai, we’ll get our chance to meet the travelers: Craig, Linda, Donna, Julie, Janelle, Marina, and the team at Trip Films. We’ll be curious to hear all about their experience in China, and we hope they learn some Chinese along the way!

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  • Attractive initiative by Chinese, this will help boast tourism , in the current scenario, money saved is money earned.

  • Very good effort by China, this will support the travel industry there, and in recession it will be like gold.

  • italkiToffler

    Unfortunately, the ChinaTravel2.0 trip has been postponed indefinitely. Still italki is great resource for travelers anywhere in the world–pick up some language skills, meet some new friends, learn about your destination all before you go. Keep on traveling and learning those languages!

  • Parker Hanson

    China is so wonderful city to travel. Its also really good for shopping…….don't miss it.