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July 21st, 2009 | Posted by Kevin in marketplace

SPEAKENG Course 1Y 10000004-2 We wanted to write more about our first partner company, Eleutian Technology, and its product SpeakENG.

Eleutian is based in Wyoming, USA, in a little town called Ten Sleep (google map).  Their mission is to teach the world English, using online courses and US-based teachers.  In a time when much of the US is in recession, Eleutian has been hiring certified teachers to satisfy the global demand for learning English.  Eleutian is an interesting globalization story in that English teaching is being “in-sourced” to the US. Another intriguing aspect about Eleutian is its surprising technology infrastructure (news report).

screenshot of SpeakENG

click for detailed explanation page of SpeakENG

The other part of Eleutian’s SpeakENG product is online courses that are powered by Pearson’s English Language Learning and Instruction System (ELLIS).  SpeakENG (Pearson ELLIS) has an impressive amount of English content for online self-study. There are video lessons, scripts, recordings, skill drills, in-depth explanations of grammar points, and much more.  We’ve been told the package normally retails at a very expensive rate, and that the pricing on italki reflects Eleutian’s desire to grow aggressively in this market (this pricing might not last).

If you want to find out more information (pictures and walkthrough), take a look at our in-depth explanation on Eleutian SpeakENG.

Eleutian SpeakENG is offering to italki users:

You can see the full list here.

If you’re learning English, we really can’t recommend trying SpeakENG enough. It’s an amazing product for self-study and combined with tutoring from US certified teachers, we’re sure this is something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

View the press release (PDF)

The italki Team

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  • johntse

    It is good for the comsummers to have more choices, do you have try it before you buy it offer?

  • jnior

    I'm Junior, and i am an english student, i'd like to chat to people all over the world to learn more…

  • italki

    Hi John,
    We think the online courses and trial session are already priced at “try it” prices. The one-year subscription to the online course in particular is a tremendous deal. From our understanding, this is normally a course that is licensed to schools — and not generally offered direct consumers. The cost to institutions is in the hundreds / thousands of dollars per user.
    We can't stress this enough — this is a very special deal.

    In addition, the trial session with a US certified teacher, we also think is very attractive. At $1.50 USD, we think the price is already set to get you to try it. If you're serious about learning English, it's worth trying a quick lesson (instead of buying two cans of soda).

    Finally, it's worth thinking about these prices in the context of offline learning options. If you are based in China, many private English teaching academies can cost 10,000+ RMB ($1500 USD) for 6 months. While they also have their benefits, it's worth comparing the relative value of learning options. We're confident at these prices, your money will be well spent!

  • italki

    Hi Junior,
    You can find English language partners here on italki.

  • teacherinchina

    I teach Accounting in China, but English is a bigpart of teaching anything. A challenge I definitely enjoy.

  • teacherinchina

    I teach Accounting in China, but English is a bigpart of teaching anything. A challenge I definitely enjoy.