New Translation System (Crowdsourced!)

August 26th, 2009 | Posted by Toffler in announcement | feature

Today we updated our social translation system to make it easier for members to help translate italki into other languages.Β  The new system handles translation on a page-by-page basis. This way, if you see a bad translation, you can click the “Translate this page” button, and immediately submit a correction.


The “Translate this page” link is located in the upper right-hand corner. When you click on it, it will open a new window or tab.Β  By opening the translate page side-by-side with the original site, you can refer back to the original page to get better understanding of the context.


The translate page is broken into three sections.
1. Phrases that haven’t been translated yet
2. Phrases that have translations submitted
3. Phrases that have been locked.
If you start at the top, you can start translating by just typing in the box and hitting enter or by clicking “Submit”. Don’t worry if you see phrases that don’t seem to be on the page — those are phrases that might be useful for other users.


All the phrases that have at least one translation are listed in the second section. If you see a translation that could be improved, you can click on “vote / fix”. You should be able to see a list of submitted translations. You can vote on the submitted translations or submit a translation of your own.

One thing about crowdsourcing changes to a website is that there is a time delay before having a fully translated site. This is particularly true as we’ve made a lot of changes to the site in the past few months. As new features come online, more and more translations need to be updated. We realize that it is inconvenient to deal with a site that isn’t fully translated (or translated well), and we hope you’ll help us get the site ready in your language. We will periodically merge the changes to the main site.

Finally, since we are using English as the base language for the website, if you run into bad English on the site, please let us know through our feedback or through email (feedback at italki). We want to avoid having errors translated throughout the site.

Thanks again! We really believe that italki is a product of our community, so we want to thank you in advance for all of your help.

The italki team

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  • Very interesting and fits perfectly into tomorrows topic of the ETCon. I like the voting part!

  • subriamamis

    waw..what a interesting it is…4 making every body clever in language side and so is in the each culture.thank's

  • subriamamis

    waw..what a interesting it is…4 making every body clever in language side and so is in the each culture.thank's