The New italki iPhone App is Out!

January 29th, 2013 | Posted by ross in announcement | mobile

Quick video introduction to the italki Messenger: 

We are delighted to announce the launch of italki’s first iPhone App – the italki Messenger!!

You can think of our app as the “WhatsApp” for language learning (or Kakao in Korea) or 微信 / WeChat in China). With the italki Messenger, you can instantly chat with other learners around the world on your iPhone. We think this opens up a whole new way to learn a language.

What can you do on the italki Messenger?

  • Find language partners from around the world (e.g. Spanish speakers from Mexico)
  • Ask partners language questions (e.g. “How do I say ‘efficient’ in German?”)
  • Ask for help on pronunciation through recording one’s own voice (e.g. “Is my pronunciation of this Russian word correct?”)
  • Get help understanding the meaning of an image (e.g. “What do these Japanese characters in this image mean?”)
  • And much more!

italki Messenger

What makes italki Messenger different from other chat apps like WhatsApp?

  • Language Focus – While WhatsApp is focused on connecting you with your existing friends, italki Messenger helps you make new friends, based on learning a language. You may be interested in learning French, but none of your existing friends want to practice speaking French with you. However, there are lots of French people on italki who would be interested. The italki Messenger lets you connect to them faster.

We have been working on the italki Messenger over the course of this year, and we are really happy to get it on the App Store for you to try out. This is our first version, and there will definitely be some technical issues that we will do our best to resolve – so please be patient! :) If you have ideas on how to improve the italki Messenger, please feel free to email us at

Here are the links:
* italki Messenger – US Apple iTunes Store

P.S. We’re working on the Android version now!


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  • Tommy Currant

    I would love to know why an android version wasn’t released first. I’m really curious how you decided to release an iphone app first? How do you know that ios users are more than android ones on your site?