Congratulations to the italki Language Challenge Winners!

February 5th, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in members

italki Language Challenge January 2013 in cooperation with OpenLanguage

In January, our 2nd italki Language Challenge took place, with participants from all over the world, learning languages from Russian to Arabic.  They all had a common purpose in taking the Challenge – to motivate themselves to improve their foreign language skills.  And, it looks like it worked! Read on to find out how it helped our students.

Here is a quick overview of how the italki Challenge helped our students:


A large majority of our successful participants mentioned how the Challenge had given them that extra push to learn.

“Big thanks to italki for initiating the challenge. It’s been the kick up the backside that I needed!” – Hejoro from New Zealand


italki’s goal for the Language Challenge was to allow learners to see clear progress in the language they were learning. We were very happy that many were able to clearly see the benefits.

“I took the italki challenge to motivate myself to study more diligently. Taking lessons regularly has kept me committed despite having a busy schedule. I’ve progressed much faster than I would have studying alone or in a large class. Although I’m still a beginner, my comprehension has improved tremendously.” – David from the US


Not only did it help learners get started, but it also helped them to continue.

“The language challenge was motivation for me to start a new language and progress with another. Although the language challenge is over, I plan to continue booking sessions and supplement them with language exchanges.” – Bionca from the US


We hope that all of our challengers not only progressed in the language(s) they were learning, but also found new motivation and discipline towards language learning. We would also like to thank OpenLanguage for sponsoring the Challenge with their fantastic lessons.

Just to finish off, here is a little video shout-out to all our Challenge winners 🙂



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