Teacher of the Week #5: Victoria

March 5th, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in members | teachers | teachers | tips

Welcome back to our weekly Teacher of the Week spotlight series:

This week we feature Victoria from France, who teaches an impressive 3 languages – French, Russian and English! Victoria has taught 35 students and completed 152 sessions with a perfect 5.0 professional lesson rating.


We asked Victoria a few questions about her teaching philosophy and some tips for learning languages.

Sam:  What is the best advice you have been given about learning French?

Victoria:  The best advice about learning French I was given when I was still at the university. My teacher once said that when you learn a new language it is very important to “live” with this language all the time. Start thinking in French, making notes in French, describing things around you or just giving your opinion on this or that topic, etc. This way you will not only remember more words but will become more familiar with the language and you won’t have any problems when you finally come to France and start speaking to the natives.

Sam:  What do you think is the best way to learn a language?

Victoria:  I believe the best way to learn a language is by taking regular classes and communicating with native speakers. A teacher can provide you with necessary grammar, vocabulary and phonetics skills, and make you practice them in different situations so that you feel confident speaking outside the class. And if you can find several native speakers ready to chat with you, you’ll be able to see immediately the results of your classes and learn more about the way of life of French people, their traditions and culture.

Sam:  What are some useful phrases that anyone should know when learning French?

Victoria: Some useful phrases:

  • Bonjour – Hello
  • Salut – Hi
  • Comment tu t’appelles? – What’s your name? (informal)
  • Comment vous appelez-vous? – What’s your name? (formal)
  • Je m’appelle Victoria – My name is Victoria
  • Merci – Thank you
  • Comment ça va? – How are you?
  • ça va bien. – I’m fine.
  • Bien sûr – Of course
  • ça marche! – ok!, that works!
  • Ce n’est pas grave – Never mind; that doesn’t matter.


Book a lesson with Victoria now to learn French, Russian, or English !

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