Google VOX – Translator Voice Box Announced

April 1st, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in Uncategorized

Reuters –

Google Inc. of Palo Alto, CA has unveiled plans for a new invention at South By Southwest Music and Arts Festival. Called “Google VOX”, the device will be able to translate languages in real time, eliminating the need for interpreters completely.

Sarah Newtown, a Swedish interpreter for the United Nations was skeptical about the device, “You cannot replace a human being with an automated system, there are too many contextual references that a computer will not be able to decode or interpret.  I don’t think anyone in the interpretation community views this as a serious threat.”

Google Scientists are also determining the possibility of matching the sounds of animals to feelings, allowing your dogs and cats to talk to you through a limited vocabulary.  In theory, the device would yell “HUNGRY” if the dog’s pitch matched that of the sound it makes when it is hungry, and it would also yell “Outside!”  if the dog wanted to use the bathroom.

Google has not given a projected release date.


Edit: April Fools.

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