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August 15th, 2013 | Posted by ross in Language Challenge


When you’re learning a language, sometimes you need an upcoming overseas holiday or a newfound love to push you to study. While we can’t help you with your travel plans or love life, we can give your language learning a jumpstart with our italki Language Challenge!


Complete 20 lessons by the end of September and win 30 USD in language credits!

This is italki’s third language challenge, and this time, we are giving you not 2 weeks, not 4 weeks, but 6 WHOLE WEEKS to complete your lessons on italki. On completion of the 20 lessons, we will give you 30 USD for language lessons. Most important, you will have improved your language skills. Nothing beats learning and winning at the same time.


But, wait! You may be wondering if this is a) achievable, and b) if it will really help you improve your language skills. In our first challenge in October 2012, we set a goal of 8 lessons in just 2 weeks. We expected only some of our users to complete the challenge, but to our surprise, an amazing 90% of challengers completed it successfully. One of our challengers even took 16 one-hour lessons in 14 days!!! Second, if you are wondering if The Challenge will help you make progress on learning a language, take a look at this feedback from two of our users: challenge-david T009514339_Avatar

“The Language Challenge was a great way to push myself even further in my language studies and get that extra motivation to really start with a new language (French). It also was great that it helped me develop some good habits – pushing myself to get consistent language practice. Just like working out, you sometimes need that extra kick to help you get motivated and this was exactly what the language challenge did for me!”

Read more of Bionca’s story here

With the Language Challenge, what we really want to do is to get your language learning back on track. We want you to set yourself an achievable goal that will help you make progress, and get into a habit of learning.


In order to complete 20 lessons in more than 6 weeks, we recommend: 3 x 1-hour lessons each week. If you are serious about becoming fluent, we think this is the minimum amount of time you should commit to learning a language.


In order to take The CHALLENGE, you must take the PLEDGE. The PLEDGE is a way of helping you stick to your commitment. It’s also the way we know that you’re serious and entering the CHALLENGE. You PLEDGE $10 USD. If you complete it, you’ll get your $10 USD back, AND get an additional $30 USD in italki Credits. If you don’t complete it, your pledge is lost. (Another way to look at it is the losers pay for the winners.) We know you can do it. Be a winner.


Our last piece of advice is tell other people that you’re serious about learning a language — publicly. It’s harder to give up if you have publicly told your friends. Share your plans your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Write about this in your italki Notebook. Tell us in the comments below.


JOIN THE LANGUAGE CHALLENGE and start learning a language today!

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