Language Challenge – Don’t Give Up!

September 11th, 2013 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | Motivation | promotion


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Language Challengers – You’re ALMOST DONE!

For those of you who are taking the challenge, you’re halfway through the language challenge and we know it’s tough, but don’t give up!

Learning a language can be hard, and the number one thing preventing learners from finishing what they start is a drop in motivation.

So to help you succeed, here are some tips for staying motivated.

1. Why? The one-worded question where all of this began. Why are you taking this challenge?  You wanted to learn a new language!

2. Stop focusing so much on the negatives. Bring out the positives and be proud of every achievement made, whether it be you finished another session, learned a new way of saying something or finally mastered some new vocabulary.

3. Understand that this isn’t meant to be easy. In fact it will be incredibly frustrating, but believe in yourself and you will go far. Doing 2-3 language lessons a week is tough but achievable.

4. You are not alone. Talk with other challengers, post your achievements on our discussion pages to get encouragement from others.  It’s always best when you share your achievements with others!

5. Focus on your goal Have fun. Look at what you’re doing and enjoy it. The feeling of accomplishment (and the prize of 300ITC) that you will get when you complete the challenge is  something you should focus on.


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