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After 90 gruelling days the italki Language Challenge has ended!  This was our biggest language challenge to date as we had hundreds of participants who completed over thousands of sessions!

For those of you that participated in the language challenge and completed it, a super big congratulations on completing the Language Challenge! Doing 20 sessions (or more!) in 6 weeks is no small feat!  That amounts to at least 2-3 sessions per week and some serious commitment and persistence!

We had tons of great feedback regarding this language challenge but we wanted to share one experience in particular. Daniel is one of our Language Challenge winners and after he finished his challenge, he wrote a Notebook Entry describing his experiences learning Chinese for the past 4 weeks. What’s particularly impressive is that he wrote the Notebook entry in Chinese, the language he is learning!


我最近参加了italki的九月挑战. 这个挑战的目的就是,让学生多上点儿课。
所以,如果一个学生 能上完20节课,italki会给他们一个奖励 – 300ITC.

但是你也需要承担风险. 开始的时候,每个想参加的学生,必须交纳100ITC。 挑战失败了的话,italki不会退还这个钱. 我之所以参加,是因为我觉得如果我没有压力,我不会上这么多课。 我想十二月考HSK6, 所以我应该上。

这个挑战为期六周, 但是我九月份才发现这个活动,所以对我来说就只有一个月。上这么多课当然让我很累,不过我还是很享受这个过程。我的老师都是很热情,很努力的人。30号我上完了我最后一节课。一共上了21课。现在我想休息一下,复习我跟老师们学过的内容。

(translated from above)

The italki Language Challenge

I recently took the September italki challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to have students take more lessons.
So, if a student is able to complete 20 lessons, italki will give them a reward – 300ITC.

But you also need to take a risk. Before the challenge begins, any student who wants to participate in the challenge has to pay 100ITC. If you fail the challenge failed, then italki will not refund the money. The reason I participated in the challenge is because I felt that if I did not have pressure, I would not so many lessons. In December I am taking the HSK6 test (a test for Chinese proficiency), so I decided to participate.

The challenge actually lasted six weeks, but I didn’t find out about it until September (two weeks into the challenge), so for me, I only had a month’s time to complete the challenge. Of course, taking so many lessons was very tiring, but I still enjoyed the process. My teachers are very understanding and very hard working. On September 30th, I finished my last session. I had completed a total of 21 lessons (in one month!). Now I just want to take a break and review everything that I had learned from my teachers.

2013 italki Fall Language Challenge Quick Summary

We had no idea what results to expect when we created the Fall Language Challenge. We just wanted to make sure the challenge would be difficult but achievable. After 6 weeks, the results are in and we wanted to share what we’ve learned.

The Language Challenge is Completely Achieveable.

  • Out of the hundreds of Language Challenge participants, just under 50% (47%) completed the challenge!
  • Out of the Language Challenge Winners 35% actually completed more than 30 sessions or more!

It’s Fun!

  • Out of all our Language Challenge participants 40% of  were learning 2 languages!
  • We had one italki Language Challenger who completed over 70 sessions during this session!  That’s more than 1 session a day!

Interesting Tidbits!

  • The top 3 languages that our Challengers were trying to learn were English, Spanish and Chinese!
  • Strong representation from lesser learned languages saw a big increase including  Croatian, Slovak, Polish, Vietnamese, Dutch, Swedish and Thai!
  • We had the most challenge participants from the United States, but they also had the highest failure rate!
  • Russia Rocks!  More than 80% of Russian Participants completed the challenge!

We’ve gotten tons of positive responses from our 2013 Fall Language Challenge.  If you enjoyed this challenge or would like to participate in future italki Language Challenges, please click on the link below.

I want to receive more information about  future italki Language Challenges!

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