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October 22nd, 2013 | Posted by ross in announcement | Language Challenge | Learning Japanese | teachers

At italki, we love to support language projects, and our friend, Brian Kwong, is running a fantastic language challenge, called the +1 Challenge!

As part of the +1 Challenge, one of the cool things he is doing is a Youtube video, which needs the help of our beloved Japanese teachers on italki, check out the message from Brian [in English and Japanese]:


Dear italki Japanese teachers!

A few Japanese students from italki recently made this fun video singing a song all in Katakana.

I shared it with a few of my italki Japanese teachers and they all want to do a reply video – A “Japanese to English” song [think “karate, miso soup, ninja, dragon ball, pokemon” :)]

Each person only needs to do a small part as we already have 4-5 people, who wrote most of the lyrics and a plan ready to go.
If you want to be a part of this awesome and fun video, then send me a message here on italki before Friday Oct 25th, 2013.

I look forward to seeing this fun video soon!

PS:  You don’t have to be an italki tutor to do this but if you are one, your italki profile will be in the video description so Japanese students can find you and book lessons with you



楽しくて最高な日本人募集中!Fun and Awesome Japanese Teachers WANTED!


このビデオに出ているブライアンさんがitalkiの日本語の先生達とビデオをシェアしたら、その先生達もビデオ・レスポンスを作ってみたいと言いました。そこで英語になっている日本語の曲を作りたいと思っています。例えば「karate 空手、miso soup 味噌汁、ninja 忍者、dragon ball ドラゴンボール、pokemon ポケモン」など (^-^)




P.S. あなたがもしitalkiの先生であれば、日本語を勉強したい生徒がレッスンを予約できるよう、あなたのitalki プロフィールをビデオの概要に貼ります。

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  • Hanako

    Thank you sooooo much, Brian and all of you! How awesome! I really enjoyed the video, also I was surprised because two of them are my students. I hope many learners will take part in this great program! I’m sure to check it regularly because I’ve already become a big fun of it ^^ Also I’ll introduce it to all my students. Have fun with learning Japanese!

  • Phillip Griego

    You should join the singing video! 🙂

  • Glad that you enjoyed it 🙂 Have you seen the video where we messed up? 🙂
    Yes, join us! or share it with your japanese friends and see who likes to sing with us!

  • Hanako

    Hi Brian! Thanks for your message and telling me another making video. Its’s also really nice! All of you did a great job! I enjoyed again with it. Thank you very very much again, Brian and all members! I’ve already introduced the completed singing video. I’ll tell the making video to my students again ^^ I hope the singing video will be promoted as an advertisement by a Japanese company, ex., for an English school or a Japanese school ^^

  • great idea! do you know any company or school in japan we should send this to? 🙂

  • Hanako

    Hi! Thanks for your reply. First of all, I recommend Kumon. Have you ever heard it? Their works have been expanded at not only Japan but also all around the word. Also they have department with providing teaching Japanese to foreigners. So I feel you have more chances to be promoted. Also I think “COCO塾 Jr.(COCOJYUKU Jr.)” is good as one of English schools for kids in Japan because they’ve tried to advertise very much recently as a reclamation work. Now, they’ve promoted as a famous Japanese actor. But I think you had better try to send it. You have chances with any English schools in Japan. Secondly, any companies, ex., ones where they sell many kinds of things like department stores etc. You have any possibility with any kinds of companies in Japan. I think most of companies know the importance which appoints songs. So you may have infinite possibility. I hope we can see your singing videos as ad. on TV every day ^^

  • Hanako

    Hi Phillip! Thanks for your message. I’m really glad ^^ I’m tutor Hanako 華子 on italki. How’ve you been? How was your trip in Japan? You must have a great time! Keep learning Japanese with fun ^^

  • Hanako

    Hello Brian! I have some ideas. How about Japanese car’s company? Most of name’s cars are foreign languages, ex., English, Italian,French, Latin etc. So they’ll be match with the music. Also Japanese mall’s company like イオン(AEON). I image all of you’ll appear at each counter at a mall, and you’ll sing names of each commodity. It’be sure to impress Japanese. I showed this video and the making one for it to my Japanese friends. They laughed a lot like me and some points to laugh were same to me ^^ I think it’s better we watch the completed version as TV commercial as part 1. Then second one is making for it. You must make an impact upon Japanese. My friends and I really hope we’ll watch you on TV in Japan!