Chinese students! – Prepare for the CET4 with italki and Memrise!

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italki目前与 Memrise 结盟,为备考大学英语四级考试的用户精心打造大学四级英语课程。Memrise是一个完全免费的在线学习社区,在那里你几乎可以获得来自全世界的资讯,并且配有一个非常棒的手机App帮助你记忆学习内容!对于学习语言非常有帮助。

italki目前在Memrise推出的课程叫做 CET4 course! 这个课程是为参加大学英语四级考试的考生量身打造。大学英语四级考试是中国针对母语非英语人士的国家级专业考试。在中国,如果要获得本科学位必须通过此门考试。






1. 下载和安装安卓版Memrise应用软件
安卓系统用户(对不起目前只有安卓系统可以下载此课程) 目前italki的英语四级课程只可以在豌豆荚安卓市场下载到。请通过以下链接下载安装:

2. 创建一个新的Memrise账户。

  • 成功安装Memrise应用程序后,在英语学习中搜索italki四级课程
  • 选中后下载到手机里。 注意:课程包含25个学习阶段,可能需要较长下载时间


3. 开始学习!

  • 我们建议您循序渐进的利用此课程学习,并坚持复习。不要一次塞进去太多新知识,不利于记忆。italki的英语四级课程的设计,就是让您每次花几分钟,每天积累15-30分钟的时间循序渐进的学习。



[Translated from Chinese]

Chinese students! – Prepare for the CET4 with italki and Memrise!

italki has teamed up with our friends at Memrise and created the CET4 course for our Chinese users!  Memrise is an online learning community where one can learn almost anything in the world, including language, entirely for free!

italki has created a course on Memrise called the CET4 course!  This course is for our Chinese users who want to pass the CET4 test.  The College English Test, better known as the CET, is the national English as a foreign language test in China. It’s the most important foreign language test for Chinese students trying to get into college and postgraduate programs!


Now you can get the CET4 course  on Android phone or Android tablet device to prepare for your college English test!

How do I get it?

Just follow these simple steps to start preparing for the CET4:

1. Install the Memrise 中文版 (Chinese version)

For Android Phone or Android Tablet (Sorry this is only available on Android for now)

  • Currently our CET4 course is only available on the Wan Dou Jia Android Market 豌豆荚安卓市场.  Download and install the Memrise Android App (if you don’t have it already!) by clicking on the link:
  • Create a new Memrise user account

2. Select and load the CET4 course

  • After installing Memrise, select a new course for learning English and you’ll see the CET4 course.   Select that course and it will load the course content onto your phone.  
  • Note: This is a large course with over 25 levels so it may take some time to load up.


3. Start Learning the CET4!

  • Our recommendation is to study for a little bit everyday rather than huge chunks in one go. Regular review is very helpful for learning, and the CET4 on Memrise is designed to help people who can spare a few minutes for learning quite regularly. Optimally, shoot for 15-30 minutes a day.

So what are you waiting for?  Download Memrise today and get the CET4 course now! 

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