How are Students using Instant Tutoring?

January 28th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in announcement | feature

With Instant Tutoring you can get speaking practice with a teacher…instantly! Simply log on to italki, find a tutor, and start learning a foreign language right away! No more waiting!

Instant Tutoring Feedback

The past month we’ve been carefully gathering feedback from Student and Teachers about Instant Tutoring and wanted to ask the question, “How are students actually using Instant Tutoring?”


To answer this question, we turned to italki members to see how they are using it and here is what they said:

Instant Tutoring is great for getting a Teacher within Minutes:

watch“That was an excellent session, especially that it was an instant tutoring session and Polina didn’t have any time to prepare for the class. She met my needs as she adjusted to my level and learning style perfectly well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” – Ewelina

“This is my first time to have a instant session. Very good experience, book the lesson and then begin the lesson in a few minutes. Thank you Marie for the interesting lesson!” – eltonsong

“With this feature I can find 30 minutes at different points in my day and just use my smartphone.” – Luke

“Lauren is fantastic help if you need important text proofread! Available at the last minute (for “instant tutoring”) when I needed something last minute. A great chance to make your documents more professional and suitable for business/school as well as to learn a few things, as you see your recommended changes!” – Benny the irishpolyglot


Finding/Trying New Teachers

Are you trying to decide between two teachers or are looking for a new teacher? Instant tutoring is perfect for trying out new teachers!

finding“It was very interesting to speak with David, we talked about us and our hobbies. I think instant tutoring can be an instrument to meet new teachers.” – Federico

“The reason I have been doing so many instant tutoring sessions is I just like talking to different people in Chinese at a time that suits me.” – Luke

“Kristin is a nice girl and speaks Chinese very well.I am looking forward to another lesson with her. Thank you so much.” – Kirstin

“Thank you for your time, you are very patient and I look forward to our future classes! Perfecto!” – Adam Vance

Starting from the Beginning

With instant tutoring you no longer have an excuse to not start learning a language. Teachers are available 24/7 and accessible to start teaching you within minutes.

instant_tutoring_pic_blog“Abel was great! I am a total beginner and I had a great introduction into learning Spanish. I enjoyed the time we spent talking about introductions, and a lot of tourist phrases. It was fun.” – Vic

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