Lexie Language Challenge – Week 2

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Lexie in Language Challenge | Motivation

So Jim sat down with me today to check how my Language Challenge is going.  Below is our conversation about Week 2:

How’s your Language Challenge Progress so far?

Language Challenge Completed Sessions:  6
Language Challenge Sessions Remaining:  14
Session Schedule for Week 3:  3

So how are you feeling after week 2 of the Challenge?
I feel that I am on the right track. Taking lessons absolute helps me to practice speaking French in an efficient way.  I feel learning a foreign language is a strange thing, even you stop to use this language for one week,  you really  feel that you start to fall behind, and you could not speak as well as before. Taking 3 sessions per week for me is not very easy because my job is really busy, and last week one of my French teacher was busy with his school stuff so he canceled one of the sessions.  There were a couple of days that I stopped taking lessons, but when I started back to taking it again I could feel that my French had regressed.  It really proves that I need to keep up with practicing more regularly in the future!

Have you hit any problems or roadblocks with the Challenge?  How did you overcome them?
Actually I bought two packages with two different teachers, and I have scheduled all packages lessons already, but last week the wifi at my place started to have problems.  One session went really badly and at the end I could not hear a word from the teacher although she could hear me clearly, that made me panic, because the Chinese New Year holiday is right around the corner and I have to take four sessions at home during the 7 day holiday.  Anyway I will try to figure it out.   I feel that whenever a teacher converses with me about general things in French, it went pretty well, but when we started to talk about specific topics by using certain grammars (le Subjonctif, le Conditionnel,etc), it always turned out to be really hard for me.  Anyway, I could tell you that back in November last year, the first time I started the lesson, I could only speak some words, now at least I could keep a conversation in French for at least 15 minutes, so no matter how frustrating it is sometimes, I will keep doing this because I know that I am progressing in this way.

What has been the hardest thing about the Challenge?
Ahhhhh…..There is nothing hard about the challenge, the hard part is learning the language. Just need time to take lessons, but it is beneficial for myself, so it is good.

Do you feel your French improving?  Are you satisfied with your progress so far?
I feel my French improved a lot in the first week, but as I said, last week was pretty frustrating because I only took 2 lessons and I could feel I fell behind a little bit, and the bad Wifi situation. I hope I could keep on progressing like the first week in the coming next few weeks. Since with the community tutor we only talk about general stuff, so during the conversation I could feel my progression, and the teacher made the comment to me saying I was dealing with it really well.^_^

What advice do you have for our other italki Challengers?
Mmmmm…I bet different people are in different tracks, and I hope everyone is doing well on what they need. I know it is easy to take 2-3 lessons per week at the beginning, but it will be hard to insist on it for one month and a half. But I believe some of them could already feel the progressing so just keep doing it. If you feel things are not going well, I suggest you to change a teacher. On italki one of the best things is that you could switch your teacher at anytime, try to find a teacher that you could get the most benefit from!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I really wanna pray for a better Wifi connection at my place for the next coming weeks!
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