[Update] Even More Public Video Pledges(Part 2)

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | Motivation

So we’ve got even more Public Video Pledges and these are too good not to share with everyone. You can watch them all here:

Public Video PledgesFirst Batch,  Second Batch, and the Third Batch

And the first Public Video Pledge made by Lexie that started them all!

So here’s the latest Challengers and their Public Video Pledges:

Tashippy from the United States
Tashippy just got back from a trip to Mexico so he lost a week but is determined to improve his Spanish and also learn Japanese! He states in his Notebook entry: “Here is my video, I haven’t watched it because I don’t like watching myself butcher foreign languages and do Youtube videos :P” so please watch it for him and let tell him what you think. We think he does an excellent job!


Tom from the United States
Tom seems very, very determined in completing this Language Challenge. He even says so in his Notebook Entry. He’s set to really make some big improvements in his French so please let him know that you’re watching and cheering him on.


John from the United States
John is learning Portuguese because he has a very concrete goal. He is going to the World Cup in Brazil! Send him some love by commenting in his Notebook entry. Also watch his video… as he pretty much started with ZERO Portuguese ability only one month ago.


Again, even though the Challenge has already started, you still have time to make a Public Video Pledge. We’re mainly doing this to provide some positive pressure so that you can finish the Challenge.

Best of all we’re giving away 50ITC if you make a Public Video Pledge!  There’s still time.

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