[Update] Even More Public Video Pledges

January 26th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | Motivation

OK… OK… we’re still getting more Public Video Pledges. When we received the first batch of Public Video Pledges we thought that was pretty cool as we really didn’t know if anyone would do it. We were pleasantly surprised when we received even more Public Video Pledges and put up the second batch. Even though we are approaching the second week of the Language Challenge, we received even more video pledges from Challengers. Take some time to watch these pledges below.

Again, we want to applaud those all our Challengers who were brave enough to publicly promising to finish the Challenge. There’s still time so you can make your Public Video Pledge and earn 50ITC as a bonus!(Click here for more details)

Let’s give the following Challengers a big round of digital applause by commenting on their Notebook Entrees! We also hope that these pledges serve as motivation for you to finish the Challenge!

Laura from Spain
Laura hails from Spain but is now living in Peru and has joined the Challenge to learn Korean. She is also one of our newest Professional Teachers teaching Spanish and English. If you’re taking the Challenge and learning any of these 2 languages, you should take some lessons with her. Teachers with her experience and credentials get their schedules booked very quickly so make a request now as she is new. Also make sure to thumbs up her notebook entry and give her some love for her efforts in the Challenge.


Lamb from the United States
Lamb is learning French and his goal is to be able to hold a conversation in French after publicly pledging to complete at least 3 lessons every week for the Language Challenge. Help cheer Lamb on by sending him words of encouragement in his notebook entry.


Lilian from China
Representing our Chinese Language Challengers, Lilian is taking the Challenge to improve her English skills. She knows that she is joining the Challenge one week late so she is going to try extra hard to cram in all the extra hours so that she can finish. Lilian is also a new Chinese Professional Teacher. Check out her notebook entry here and tell her to 加油! 加油!


Erica living in Japan
Erika is living and working in Japan and she is using the Challenge as a way to finally become fluent in the language that she is surrounded by on a daily basis. Comment on her Notebook entry here. Make sure to give her some Thumbs Up to let her know you care!


LindsayDoesLanguages from the United Kingdom
Lindsey is taking the Challenge to improve her German. She actually speaks a lot of languages and she even has a cool blog about learning languages. Even though Lindsey joined the Challenge before the start date, she finally got around to posting this Public Video Pledge just now. As a language learning enthusiast, check out her Notebook entry, she even included a nice picture in there. Lindsey is also one of our Community Tutors who teaches English so she might be doubly busy during this Challenge.


Again, even though the Challenge has already started, you still have time to make a Public Video Pledge. We’re mainly doing this to provide some positive pressure so that you can finish the Challenge.

Best of all we’re giving away 50ITC if you make a Public Video Pledge!  There’s still time.

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