We’ve made the Public Video Pledge for the 2014 New Year’s Language Challenge!

January 7th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | members | Motivation | promotion

We’re Doing it!  So Should You!

If you’re taking the Langauge Challenge and really want to succeed, we’re giving away 50ITC if you make a Public Video Pledge!  Why would you ever want to do this? (Click here for more details)  Please take some time to motivate and encourage our Public Video Pledge Challengers by commenting on their Notebook entrees!

Lexie from China
Lexie is italki’s very own Marketing Manager!  She’s taking The Challenge to learn French and she just posted her Public Pledge on her Notebook entry.  Send her some words of encouragement!

Nancy from the U.S.A.
Nancy, a native English speaker from New Mexico, is learning Chinese and she does a great job explaining her language learning goals in both English and Chinese!  Her Public Video pledge is below.   Please comment on her Notebook entry!


Simon Lejeune  from Belgium
Simon who speaks French has signed up for the Challenge to learn Spanish!  Send him words of encouragement in his Notebook entry.  Simon is also one of Community Tutors.


Anna from the Ukraine
Anna who is also one of our Community Tutors that teaches Russian is taking The Challenge to learn Mandarin!  She’s just a beginner but the Challenge will be a great way to kickstart her Chinese language skills.  Read her notebook entry here and tell her to 加油!


Karol Varela from Brazil
Karol, a Community Tutor who teaches Portuguese is taking The Challenge to learn English! Read her notebook entry here.


OKSlinky from Canada
This has got to be one of the cutest videos as Tasha’s daughter Mika climbs all over her while she gives her Public Video Pledge. Tasha is using the Challenge as a goal to become fluent in Japanese. Read her notebook entry here and leave some comments!


Claudio from China
Claudio speaks some decent Japanese already but wants to improve it even more by taking the Challenge. Read his notebook entry here!


Stephan from Germany
Stephan is living in Taiwan and wants to improve his Mandarin. Read his notebook entry here.


Joseph Hawkins from the United States
Joseph is learning German! Be sure to sign his notebook entry.

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