Lexie Language Challenge – Week 3

February 5th, 2014 | Posted by Lexie in Language Challenge | Motivation

Taking my French sessions over Chinese New Year’s

Hi Everyone! First of all, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

At Week 3 of the Language Challenge, I ran into Chinese New Year’s – our biggest national holiday here in China.  It’s a 7-day break here in China (everyone at italki is off as well).   I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year’s!

So here’s my current status updates:

Language Challenge Completed Sessions:  9

Language Challenge Sessions Remaining:  11
Session Schedule for Week 3:  4

During Chinese New Year’s, we have loads of fun activities:  everyone is setting off fireworks, making traditional Chinese food, visit friends and family…So this week is really pleasant but busy!  Somehow, I still successfully finished 3 session during this week!  I hope that our other Language Challengers from China were also to make good use of this week as it can get busy!

Last night before I went out to attend a party, I took my 3rd lesson of the week 3 at my place, and my friends who saw me taking a lesson on internet were pretty amazed!  They found it a great way to learn a language!  One of my Korean friend wants to learn English, so she immediately asked me to help her finding an English teacher on italki!

My advice for her was to look into teacher’s profile carefully, then to schedule a couple of trial lessons with different teachers. Because finding the right teacher for yourself is very important for your language learning! Personally I have tried 4 different teachers on italki, and in the end I found the right one for me, and since then I started seeing some amazing improvement in my French learning.  It’s also SO nice that I can do all of this in the comfort of my own home.  What’s pretty cool for me is that with our newest feature Instant Tutoring you can start a lesson whenever you want without scheduling, so it is more convenient for you to try some other teachers!

I have finished 9 sessions in the past 3 weeks, and 22 days to go! I will start to take 4 lessons per week from next week! I feel my french really progressed a lot so taking lessons is not a burden for me anymore because I really enjoy the feeling of progressing!
Good luck with the Challenge at the halfway point!  Together we can do it!

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