Lexie Language Challenge – Week 5

February 19th, 2014 | Posted by Lexie in Language Challenge | Motivation


Week 5! Almost there!

Current Progress Check

Total Completed Sessions = 15

Upcoming Sessions =  4 sessions per week

Hi Everyone!

How are you doing with your Language Challenge?! I have already finished 15 sessions, only 5 more to go! I am pretty confident that I’ll be able to complete the challenge and win the 300ITC (30USD) reward!

What I’ve learned is that as long as you stick to your plan (3 to 4 lessons per week), finishing 20 sessions in 6 weeks actually is not difficult at all! And the best thing about this whole experience is I am getting used to speaking French regularly.   Learning French is now a regular part of my life now!   I wouldn’t say that I have huge progress in French but the change is pretty obvious… I am not scared of talking with native speakers anymore, and we can talk about varies topics now, such as pollution issues in China etc… (my teacher is in France so this was something that she was very curious about as it’s in the news every where!) For the record it’s NOT that bad as we all live here!

I am learning grammar by myself (via text book) because I want to use 100% of my time during the sessions to practice speaking and listening.   I think this is a great method where you self-study focusing on reading, grammar and vocabulary and then use italki solely for speaking and listening.  I also ask my teachers many questions about my self-study.

So far my method of learning a language is simple.  It’s repeat, repeat, then….repeat! The same way a baby learns! What do you think?

Hope you are doing well with your Language Challenge! We are so close to completing the Challenge now! Good luck!

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  • Brad Stokes

    Overcoming that fear factor is huge. If there has been one thing the challenge has helped me overcome, it is my fear of talking to a native speaker in Spanish. I can’t speak quickly, but at least we can communicate.

    I’m also using Anki to do the spaced repetition, Duolingo for some vocab (I’ve finished the tree, I’m just using it as another SRS system) and letting Youtube en Espanol play in the background whilst I work. I’m really enjoying the challenge. Mind you, there is so much to learn.

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