2014 italki New Year’s Language Challenge Review

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in our 2014 italki New Year’s Language Challenge!  This was our largest Language Challenge to date with hundreds of Challengers learning more than 30+ languages on italki!

We had representation from Challengers from over 50 countries all over the world!

Language Challenge Results 

Here’s a quick summary of the Language Challenge results!

The Language Challenge is Completely Achievable!

  • Out of the hundreds of Language Challenge participants, just under 50% (48%) completed the Challenge!  Is this Language Challenge too easy?!?
  • Out of the Language Challenge Winners 40% actually completed more than 30 sessions or more!
  • Instant Tutoring significantly helped many of the Challengers finish the Challenge! 

If you really want to improve your Language ability, the Language Challenge works! 

In just 6-weeks many of our Language Challenge participants went from zero language ability to fluency! Some of our Challengers were so happy with their results that they submitted videos of their speaking ability before and after!  We were very impressed. Watch these before and after videos!

John was one of our Challenge participants who was learning Portuguese because he is going to the World Cup in Brazil!  He pretty much started with ZERO Portuguese ability.  His improvement is absolutely amazing and inspiring!  Click here to view his before and after video.

Challengers who made a Public Video Pledge are more likely to complete the Challenge!


  • 85% of the Challenges who actually put up a Public Video Pledge actually completed the Challenge (compared to only 48% of those who did not).

(Our Challenge  confirmed what Life Hacks research concluded – that  if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through! Things that you put on the Web have a better chance of getting done!)

Advice:  If you are planning on taking the Challenge in the future, make a Public Video Pledge, it will help you reach your goal!

Challenge Demographic Breakdowns

worldmapChallenger Distribution
North America (U.S.A. & Canada) 30%
Western Europe 25%
Eastern Europe 11%
Asia 16%
South America 4%


Top 10 Languages Learned in the Challenge

Looking-across-people-with-speech-bubbles1.  English
2.  Spanish
3.  French
4. Chinese
5.  German
6.  Japanese
7.  Russian
8.  Portuguese
9.  Korean
10.  Arabic

Interesting Tidbits!

  • We had a lot of italki teachers who took the Challenge as well!  Actually Teachers as a whole did much better than students!  More than 60% of the teachers who took the Challenge completed it!
  • Chinese, Germans, Russian and Spaniards have the highest completion rate!  50% or more of Challengers from these countries complete the Challenge!
  • Challenge participants from the United States are on par with a 48% completion rate!
  • We had one italki Language Challenger who completed over 100 sessions during the Challenge!  That’s more than 2 session a day!  You know who you are and you absolutely rock!

We’ve gotten tons of positive responses from our 2014 italki New Year’s Challenge.  If you enjoyed this challenge or would like to participate in future italki Language Challenges, please click on the link below.

I want to receive more information about  future italki Language Challenges!


One Last Note

tshirt_italki_whiteAs a surprise bonus, we actually decided to give away free italki t-shirts to all the winners!
This was quite difficult to do as we needed to mail out the t-shirts by hand to winners in over  50+ countries!
If you send us a post a photo of yourself online wearing your italki t-shirt and let us know the link, we know there is at least one guy who would be very, very happy that he took the trouble to navigate through the Chinese Postal System.
Lamar pushing a box of t-shirts to the Post Office
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