Introducing italki Articles!

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in announcement | teachers | tips

articlesWe’re happy to announce our newest feature –  italki Articles!  

italki Articles are cultural and language learning tips which have been exclusively written by italki teachers and language learning enthusiasts for the italki language learning community.

We’ve got thousands of italki teachers on italki teaching all the world’s languages.

Many of our teachers have some great language learning tips and advice that they’ve accumulated over years of teaching their language.

Many of our teachers are also great writers.

italki articles allows these teachers to share their experiences with language learning and culture with the entire italki community.

Types of italki articles

italki Articles are actually helpful for both students and teachers alike and will generally fall under the following categories:  

  • General Language Learning Tips – For example: “10 things I can do to become fluent in Spanish”, or “5 Ways to Improve My Spanish Listing Skills”, etc)
  • Detailed Language Learning  Tips – For example: Vocabulary or Grammar points, Ex. “When do you use ‘ustedes’, ‘vosotros’ and ‘nosotros’?” or “Common Spanish Sentence Structures”, etc.)
  • Cultural Learning  – For example: “The importance of XXXX in Spanish Culture”, “A Spanish Christmas”, ” How Knowing Spanish Will Help you Reach the BEST Place in Peru!”, etc…

Currently most of the article will be written in English however as more and more articles are added and we get more article writers submitting articles, we may be adding articles in different languages.  

Discuss italki articles

articles_discussionsOne great feature of italki articles is that they automatically create their own topic for discussion in our Discussion forums.

Oftentimes the author of the article will comment so you can ask them direct questions about what they have written.

Are you interested in writing an article?

While italki Teachers are the main authors of italki articles, we actually will accept articles written by anyone who is an avid language learning enthusiast.  If you are interested in possibly writing an italki article, read our FAQ on Article Guidelines and Requirements.


We’ll be updating articles regularly so check back often for fresh new cultural and learning tips on italki!

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