Globetrotter Language Challenge Winners

October 26th, 2016 | Posted by Marketa in announcement | event | Language Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who turned out for October’s italki Globetrotter Language Challenge! You all did great, and have hopefully been enjoying the progress you’ve made these past few days.

We’ve now counted up the final scores and drawn winners for each of the four contest lotteries. Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that…

The winners of the $50 Backpacker Challenge prize are:

Xuzhao (3564821)

Lyuba (3509387)

Hiro Miyamoto (3404527)

Monika Kluskiewicz (3547414)

Kobe Koto (3221950)

Dmitry (3328600)

Tom Belunis (3477892)

Véronique (1345265)

Michael Hunt (3241419)

Guyomar (3235658)

The winners of the $100 Weekender Challenge prize are:

Summer (3574240)

Seth Karp (3189036)

Sandra Puliezi (3543189)

Julia (2419199)

Philip (3336477)

Aysha (1936482)

Joyce (2732882)

Stephan (1325926)

Victoria (2835012)

Vaclav Adler (1970701)

Je Keun CHON (3020914)

Czarix (3341914)

Luis (2814006)

Claudia (1380999)

Anthony Cea (3436650)

Jacinda (3154537)

Oscar (1831708)

yx01 (929049)

Kanako (1367533)

Felix (3051701)

The winners of the $200 Seafarer Challenge prize are:

Mateo (3416074)

Eliaquim Sousa (2854984)

Logan (3390064)

Sean Finegan (1392989)

Hesam (3318379)


Felix (3051701) is the winner of the $500 Aviator Challenge prize

Congratulations all around! We’ll be in contact by email between now and November 17th to follow up with your prizes.

Well done to everyone who came out and pushed their limits last month. We’re proud to have hosted such a strong group of Challengers and look forward to bringing you more chances to compete and learn in the coming months. Be on the lookout for news of the next Language Challenge, coming up in January!

All the best until then,

The italki Team

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