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Jairet has his own blog called The Crummy Life and is taking the June Challenge and just posted this update. Reposted with permission. Original Post here.

June italki Language Challenge Update: Brazilian Portuguese

Olá! Tudo bem?

This month I am participating in the June italki Language Challenge. Maybe you saw my first post with my public pledge video, where I said what I aim to accomplish and used a bit of português brasileiro. What did you think?

Well it is time for an update, because week three has just begun. With my birthday in week one, and being in a wedding in week two, life has been packed to the gills with action and excitement.

I originally set the goal of taking three classes per week so that I could easily expect to meet the challenge of completing twelve total hours in June. Then, my family gave me the dates for our annual trip to Lake Tahoe, June 22nd – 29th!

Luckily this happened in week one.

I made the decision to up the ante to finish the challenge a week early so that I don’t have to finish the challenge while on vacation, just to take away the need to be in front of a computer while I want to be on the lake, on a hike, or rock climbing with my wild man father.

In week one, I completed three sessions. In week two, I completed four more sessions. Now we are in week three, and I have completed one more lesson. Also, I have four more scheduled before the family fills up the cars on the 22nd.

That means I have completed eight, and I have sessions nine through twelve scheduled already! I am on track to complete the challenge on June 21st, over one week early.

That’s all for now. If you have more interest in what italki is all about, check out my previous post or head tothe italki website for details.

Muito obrigado por ter vindo. Até mais!

My name is Javi, I work in e-marketing at italki and I’m taking the June language challenge! For this challenge I wanted to choose a very specific goal: learning a Chinese menu.

javi_eatingThere are so many Chinese culture and traditions around food and meals that I am not aware of, so many dishes that I try and love but don’t know how to describe, so many food-based idioms that I don’t understand… I’ve been living here for over a year and I still can’t order in Chinese! So this month I promised myself that all that would change.

So after 3 weeks, I’ve finished 8 lessons on italki and my Chinese teacher Catherine is awesome (I highly recommend her)!  This week I am trying to fit in 3 more lessons so all I need to do is 1 more this weekend to finish it.  It’s been tough but I agree with Tracy in that you just need to schedule your lessons in advance and set this time aside to meet your goals.

So halfway through week 2, I went to lunch with a bunch of my colleagues as we welcomed our new summer intern Jiahong and they had me try and order off the menu.  It actually wasn’t bad as I got about 75% of the food items correct.  I know I still have a ways to go but I feel with these last 3 sessions and by reviewing what I’ve learned using flash cards, I will most definitely meet my Challenge Goal!javi_eating_studying

I hope you guys are enjoying the Challenge as much as I have.  I’ve been at italki for almost a year now and it’s the first Challenge I’ve participated in and it’s a really great experience!

The italki team is taking the 2015 June Language Challenge so should you!

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Tradition has it that we like to take part in our own language challenges and for this challenge we have a number of staff who are publically taking the challenge. This means they’ll be blogging about the challenge, posting up videos, and sharing their experiences in trying to finish 12 hours of sessions during the month of June.

Check back on the italki blog for their regular posts! If you haven’t done so already, there’s still time to join the challenge!

Support the 2015 June Language Challenge Thunderclap!

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Are you taking the Language Challenge?
Share that you are taking the Challenge with others and use this peer pressure (in a good way) to help yourself achieve your language learning goal!

What is a Thunderclap?

It’s a new, powerful tool that allows people to Tweet or Facebook an announcement all together on the same day, at the exact same time to be heard loud and clear! We’re working with Thunderclap to make this biggest, most exciting Language Challenge ever! Get ready!

This summer join thousands of other language learners and achieve the common goal of learning a new language together!  Our Language Challenges have proven to help language learners get into a habit of learning. It helps by setting a clear goal they need to meet.

See Who’s Taking June Language Challenge

If you are taking June Language challenge we’re giving away 50 free ITC if you make a video challenge pledge. Life Hacks research has shown that if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through because others are watching.  So use peer pressure to your advantage!  So help out your fellow language learners participating in the challenge!  Leave them words of encouragement on their notebook entries!  And don’t forget to sign up for yourself, and get the summer of to a great start!


Click the links below to see:

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Janie  from Thailand is learning Spanish and Italian
Janie has been learning Spanish and Italian with our native teachers on italki for a while, she had took part in our New Year’s Language Challenge and can’t wait for another exciting challenge. Janie will be participating in our June Language challenge and continue to improve her Spanish and Italian! Cheer her on by leaving a note on her notebook entry.


Autumn  from Nova Scotia, Canada is learning French
Autumn has
been teaching English on italki for 4 years, and she’s also been a student learning on italki at the same time. As a teacher and student she thought it’s great that you can only have to pay a 100 ITC registration fee and if you finish the challenge you end up winning 300 ITC (and improve your language ability as well) !  Autumn is traveling to French speaking Canada so decided to take our June Language Challenge to improve her French!


Sylin  from Paris, France is learning Croatian
Sylin speaks 30 different language! How inspiring!
If you missed it, she send an inspiring video of her speaking 30 different languages on italki!  Right now she’s learning Croatian and hope that she can manage to reach B2 level in this language. Give her some love by writing on her notebook.