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[Update] More Public Video Pledges

January 21st, 2014 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | Motivation - (0 Comments)

Continuing from our first post of Public Video Pledges, we’ve received more from dedicated Challengers all over the world who have bravely posted their Public Video Pledge! (Click here for more details)

We are very impressed by the massive turnout of Challengers from all around the world.  As we mentioned at the start of the Challengewe’ve got hundreds of Challengers learning more than 30+ languages on italki!  However, we did not mention the number of people who are not just learning one language… but learning two… or even three languages for the Challenge!  If you haven’t started learning a new language yet, you need to watch these Public Video Pledges as we hope these will serve as some inspiration for you to kickstart your New Year’s Resolution to learn a new language now!

Tom from San Francisco
We were blown away with this Public Video Pledge because Tom is not just learning one language… or even two langauges…  He is one of the few (there actually could be many more) that are learning 3 languages for the Language Challenge!  His Public Video Pledge is a bit longer than others because he speaks in 3 different languages (French, Norwegian, and Chinese) in the video. Please let him know how awesome he is by commenting on his post! You have to check this out!


Language Challenge Prizes!

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Throughout the challenge we will be giving away prizes to challengers who promote us on social media.

We have awarded our first spot prize to @CabildoSpanish on twitter, a free OXFORD English Online Placement Test!!!


Motivation (1)

Language Challengers – You’re ALMOST DONE!

For those of you who are taking the challenge, you’re halfway through the language challenge and we know it’s tough, but don’t give up!

Learning a language can be hard, and the number one thing preventing learners from finishing what they start is a drop in motivation.

This post originally appeared on Raising Arrows – a personal blog site run by Amy Roberts. Reposted with her permission.


My oldest daughter, Meg, loves languages. She is taking formal Spanish via a computer program plus teaching herself bits and pieces of several other languages. She’s a quick study; however, she has told me on multiple occasions that she really needs someone to speak the languages with her because the computer lacks the interaction and feedback of a live person.

So, when I learned about, an online foreign language instruction site that provides teacher/student interaction via Skype sessions, I was hopeful this might be the answer to her dilemma.

Answer would be an understatement.


Language Challenge contestants, how are you doing? It’s only been a week… hopefully you’ve completed a few lessons by now. To help give you some extra motivation, we wanted to share with you a recent email that one of our members (and Community Tutor) sent us. Andrea successfully completed the last language challenge and it helped her become a professional Arabic Translator. Read her story below…