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Launching Levels-Based SpeakENG Online Courses

March 30th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in marketplace - (Comments Off)

For italki users that are learning English, now you can purchase SpeakENG Online Courses on a levels basis. This gives you a clear sense of the range of SpeakENG Courses, as well as helps you choose a SpeakENG Online Course specifically for your English level. As your English improves, you’ll be able to see your progress: Beginner English (99), Elementary English (101, 102), Intermediate English (202), and Advanced English (301, 302, 303).

SpeakENG Online Courses have been designed to help people learn English anywhere with an internet connection. The content for SpeakENG’s Online Courses are based on Pearson’s English Language Learning and Instruction System (ELLIS). Every SpeakENG Online Course also comes with a 15-minute live tutoring session with an American certified professional teacher.

As before, you can purchase additional time with SpeakENG teachers or purchase a one-year subscription to SpeakENG that includes all Online Course levels. If you’re not sure which level is right for you, or are interested in getting an assessment level test of your English, we recommend looking at the SpeakENG Sampler.

italki is trying to find a price for learning a language that is accessible to everybody around the world. SpeakENG Online Courses use the same content that is being offered at much higher prices from expensive offline English training institutes.

As always, let us know through your feedback how we can improve italki and its partnership products.

The italki team

For italki users that are learning English, there’s now a new SpeakENG Sampler. The SpeakENG Sampler is a great way to get an assessment of your English level, and to try out all the different levels of SpeakENG Online Courses. With the Sampler, you get:

  • English Level Assessment Test
  • Access to the first lesson of every level of SpeakENG Online Courses

The English Level Assessment Test

The English Level Assessment Test is an adaptive online test that comprehensively assesses your English level. You’ll get scored on your grammar understanding, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and more. Since the test is adaptive, everybody who takes the test will see a different set of questions. Your test scores also correlate with an equivalent TOEFL and TOEIC score, which should be helpful if you are planning to take those exams.

Access to the first lesson of every level of SpeakENG Online Courses

The SpeakENG Sampler will get you access to the first lesson of every SpeakENG Online Course. This will give you an idea of the range of exercises and content that you’ll be exposed to in SpeakENG. In general, there are 15-20 lessons per full SpeakENG Online Course. If you’re not sure which level to purchase, the Sampler can ensure you choose the right level.

We think this is great choice for English learners that are new to the world of SpeakENG. You can get an objective assessment of your English level, as well as a direct view into what SpeakENG courses would be the best fit for you.

View the SpeakENG Sampler.
View the list of SpeakENG Online Courses.

The italki team

China UnionPay: China’s main bankcard payment system on italki

March 9th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in announcement | marketplace - (Comments Off)

中文版: 连到我们的中文博客: 中国银联在 italki.
China UnionPay
We’re excited to now offer China UnionPay on italki. China UnionPay is China’s largest interbank payment network, and almost every ATM card in China supports China UnionPay. For many Chinese, paying with their bank card is one of the most convenient methods of purchasing products and transfering money. By simply going to any ATM machine, a person can use their card to directly transfer money to another card.

When you use China UnionPay on italki – you’ll first be taken to China UnionPay’s payment gateway. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to choose which bank issued your card. Each bank will have its own payment process — most will let you transact online with your bankcard.

China UnionPay - Bank OptionsChina UnionPay - Enter your details

We hope this allows more users in China to get access to italki teachers and italki marketplace partners. We also want to say keep paying attention to the blog, because we have many more improvements coming soon.

WebMoney: Payment partner for Russia and CIS countries

March 2nd, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in marketplace - (Comments Off)

Мы принимаем WebMoney (WMZ purse) в нашем Магазине при оплате онлайн-уроков с преподавателями и покупке курсов английскогоязыка. WebMoney является партнером Ukash, webmoney_logoчто делает онлайн-платежи еще более удобными и предоставляет более широкий спектр услуг.

Благодаря WebMoney любой участник italki может самостоятельно составлять расписание занятий с квалифицированными преподавателями прямо в нашем Магазине.  С WebMoney приобретение валюты на italki, а следовательно и доступ к услугам преподавателей  italki стали намного проще для жителей России, Украины, Европы и стран Средней Азии. Сейчас улуги могут быть оплачены посредством кредитных карт, WebMoney, Paypal, cashU, Alipay.

– – – – – – – –

italki can now accept payments through WebMoney (WMZ purse). WebMoney is a popular form of payment in Russia, CIS countries, and Europe.

Limited payment options act as a barrier for many users to transact with other people. Many countries do not have access to convenient forms of online payment like Paypal, and very few people have the ability to accept credit cards as a form of payment.

We hope that these payment options will make it easier for users to pay for teachers and language services on italki.  We are continuing to add more features and payment options to make italki even more useful for language students and teachers around the world.

Happy Lantern Festival and the Year of the Tiger

February 11th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in announcement - (Comments Off)

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Lantern Festival and Year of the Tiger. The Lantern Festival is traditionally the last day of the Chinese New Year Holiday (also known as the Spring Festival Chūnjié 春节), and it is a festival that is supposed to bring good luck and hope.

We hope that everyone’s 2010 is off to a great start. At italki, we’re really excited about this year, because there is so much to do. We’ll be putting a lot of effort this year into improving the site, and building features to make it easier for you to learn a language. Thanks again for being part of the italki community, and we’ll work to make the Year of the Tiger our best year yet.

The italki Team