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Follow Sam’s Challenge!

August 16th, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in Language Challenge | Motivation - (Comments Off on Follow Sam’s Challenge!)

Follow Sam’s italki Challenge!

Our Community Manager Sam is taking the italki language Challenge in Cantonese.

Sam is taking 20 Cantonese lessons in 6 weeks, to win $30usd of Learning Credit.

To sign up for the language challenge, click Here

Follow along at our YouTube channel:



Hi, my name is Sam Bleakly, and I’m the community manager here at I’m also an enthusiastic traveler, and an amateur language learner. I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese, as I live and work in China, but I don’t speak Spanish, German, French or any other Romance language fluently – so I’m certainly not a linguist. I’m just a regular guy who is lazy at the best of times. In May, however, I finally got motivated to learn a new language. Read on to find out how I did it!

Sam’s Language Challenge: Day Two!!!

May 29th, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in teachers - (Comments Off on Sam’s Language Challenge: Day Two!!!)

Day Two: We went over basics!!

Sam’s Japanese Challenge: Day One

May 28th, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in teachers - (Comments Off on Sam’s Japanese Challenge: Day One)

My name is Sam Bleakly,

I’m the community manager at italki!  🙂

In July I will be traveling to Japan for the first time….  and I know absolutely no Japanese!!!

As a solution, I will be taking 30 lessons on italki before my trip and documenting what I learn by making videos of me learning Japanese.

Here is my first video where i’m tired from a long day of work at italki and trying to remember all of the Japanese vocabulary that I’ve learned!!!!:

3 Tips for Learning Any Language

May 27th, 2013 | Posted by Samuel Bleakly in members | teachers | teachers | tips - (Comments Off on 3 Tips for Learning Any Language)

Learning a language can be challenging, so here are 3 tips from one of our italki tutors on what to focus on in order to reach your goal!

3 Ways to learn a language