i love italki Facebook Competition!

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The i love italki Facebook Competition

Congratulations to Giane Rosa, Artika Werian and Leyla Bittieva who were the winners in our “I Love italki” Facebook Competition. Each won 20 usd worth of language lessons on italki!

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, because we will be launching new competitions on a regular basis on our Facebook page. If you haven’t joined the Official italki Facebook page yet, make sure to do so now!

New Position at italki: Online Community Advocate

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Update: This position has been filled as of January, 2013.

As italki continues to grow, and we look to support our students and teachers better, we will be recruiting a new Online Community Advocate for our office in Shanghai.

For interested parties, please email your resume to ross at italki.com.

Introduction to the role: 
We are a fast-growing tech startup looking for a native English speaker who would like to be part of an exciting, yet relaxed working environment. We need someone who is focused, motivated & responsible with strong communications skills & who is ready to work now.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 
Engaging with the italki online Community
Responding to English emails and enquiries from italki teachers and students
Managing social networking channels – Facebook, Twitter
Writing for newsletters, website, PR, advertising
Co-ordination and implementation of direct mail and email campaigns
Assisting in other general marketing initiatives

Minimum Requirements: 
Outgoing personality
Very strong English communication skills
Good organisational and planning skills
Experience in community management, customer service
Experience in marketing and communications
Interested in technology, language learning

Preferred Qualifications: 
2+ years work experience
BA in marketing and communications
Mandarin Chinese

italki Referral Program Re-Launched

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Are you studying a language? Do you have friends who might be interested in italki?
We’re writing to tell you we have relaunched our referral program so you can earn (and learn) when you refer a friend.

How do I earn credits through the Referral Program?

You can earn 200 ITC (equal to 20 USD), when one of your friends signs up to italki and purchases over 400 ITC. Follow these basic steps to get the word out!

  1. Simply go to the italki referral page (http://italki.com/referral), where you will receive a unique URL.
  2. Share your unique URL with your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter or any other channel.
  3. When someone clicks on the link you provided, and continues to purchase 400 ITC, you will receive 200 ITC in your student account….free!!!! It doesn’t matter if the user purchases ITC much later.
  4. Send your link to as many of your friends as you like.
  5. Terms and conditions apply, so please check the italki Referral page for more details.

By simply inviting your friends to the leading language learning platform on the web, you can earn ITC Credits to help YOU improve your foreign language skills! italki Credits that you receive through the referral program can be used to pay for Community Tutors or Professional Teachers. Refer your friends and start studying now!

For any questions about our the referral program, please email us at support@italki.com. We’ll be happy to help you out.

italki Raises Angel Financing

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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised a new round of angel funding to help more language learners connect with teachers around the world!

Over the past few years, we have been working hard to improve the website, and expand the italki community. We have now brought over 900,000 students and teachers together for language teaching, language exchanges, and community services. What’s most encouraging for us is that every month more and more students sign up to take online lessons. As we move into this next phase of italki, we are planning many improvements, including new partnerships with content publishers like Oxford University Press. We’re also planning to expand into mobile to allow language learners to study and connect on-the-go!

This milestone is also an opportunity for us to thank all of you — the italki community — for all of your support in creating this fantastic learning platform. We look forward to making italki an even better place for you to learn a language.

Read the text of the official press release.

The italki Team

Updates: Changes to the Teaching System

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Are you interested in getting online language lessons or speaking practice? We’ve made some important updates to the website that we hope will make it easier to find a teacher that suits your needs!

We are separating our Language Teachers into Community Tutors and Professional Teachers. Secondly, we will divide the services which are provided into formal Language Lessons, Speaking Practice, and Language Exchange.

What has changed?

* We’ve made a new menu for the website that will make it easier to pick a service – Language Lessons, Speaking Practice, Language Exchange (and of course Answers, Notebook, and Groups)
* We have new profiles for Users, Teachers, and Tutors. Now you can make it clearer what you’re looking for, whether it is a Chinese language exchange partner or a teacher to practice English.
* We have a simplified rating system for teachers
* We have made it easier to contact other users, particularly teachers and tutors

What Teacher Service should I choose?

If you wish to just focus on speaking practice or getting help on your homework, then you can take a session with our Community Tutors. A Community Tutor is generally a native speaker of the language, but does not work as a teacher or have formal training as a teacher. A Community Tutor is great for people who are already taking lessons offline, or are intermediate / advanced level. Many Community Tutors also prepare in-depth lessons like Professional Teachers.

Professional Teachers are able to give formal language lessons, and teach you how to learn all aspects of a foreign language. Professional teachers are trained in a teaching method, and can provide a structured approach to learning. Professional Teachers are necessary for beginner level students, and are a faster way to progress for advanced and intermediate level students.

For any questions about these upcoming changes, please check out the italki support forum or email support@italki.com.