Thanks to all the great people at The Polyglot Gathering in Berlin

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From April 30th to May 4th, hundreds of language enthusiasts gathered in Berlin to share in their passion for languages, swap tricks of learning new languages quickly and efficiently. 

Kevin Chen, CEO and Co-founder of italki shares his experience:

Being based in Shanghai, we unfortunately don’t get that many opportunities to meet many of our users face-to-face. This is one of the reasons why I was so impressed and inspired by the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin.  Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of people who love learning languages, and who want to make real human connections with people around the world.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.22.30 AM

Here are just a few highlights:


  • Speaking with Judith Meyer, the main organizer of the Polyglot Conference.  In addition to managing a great event, she is an amazing polyglot.  I was afraid to test her debate skills in Chinese.
  • Learning more about Benny Lewis and his personal journey.  We’ve known Benny for a long time (he visited us in Shanghai in 2012!), and his message is always so positive.  Being a successful language learner is all about the desire, and an open-minded willingness to try learning in a different way.
  • Meeting Olly Richards and learning more about his personal experiences in learning Arabic in Egypt.  His feedback on Arabic is already helping us at italki.
  • Meeting Richard Simcotts and hearing him speak about what it means to be a polyglot.  He’ll also be co-organizing the Polyglot Conference, which is coming up in October.
  • Getting a taste of the life of an interpreter from Lydia Machová.  For a laugh, ask her about her experiences interpreting for hallucinating shamans and European tourists.
  • Meeting Ulysses Hsiúng-Lúo and getting his unique perspective on the world.
  • Being impressed by Vladimir Skultety, a Slovak whose American accent and amazing Chinese would allow him to pass as a native of either place.

Getting advice from Michael Levi Harris, a polyglot actor who spoke about how actors practice sounding like native speakers.  Check out his hilarious short film (based on his real experiences in New York), The Hyperglot.

I also have to make a special mention of the italki teachers that I met — Alina, Lea, and Shauna!  I know there are others who attended, and I wish I had had more time to meet everyone.


I met so many great people, and this post would go on forever if I tried to list them all.

The whole experience made a strong impression on me, and it fired up my desire to start studying again.  I considered starting Esperanto, partly based on my conversation with Chuck Smith and Katerine Berone-Adesi from the Esperanto community.  However, I want to make one more push at improving my Chinese.  (I’m thinking I will take the pledge in the next italki Challenge in June.)

Once again, if you have never heard of the Polyglot Gathering, I really recommend going.  You’ll meet fascinating people, and be inspired to start or restart learning a language.  At italki, we believe the future of education is moving in this direction — people will be driven by their passions and by a desire to understand the world.  We hope that italki can continue to be an important part of this movement!



It’s Coming! The 2015 italki June Language Challenge

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Psst… Some of you may have heard and the rumors are true! The secret is out….

Our last Language Challenge, the New Year’s Language was a tough Challenge!  It was a 6-weeks and required you to finish 20 hours!  We had a whopping 48% of our Challengers who finished it and many of the winners made huge improvements (hint: these are BEFORE and AFTER videos) in their language learning.

Our next Language Challenge is right around the corner.  If you felt that the last Challenge was a bit too Challenging, this one might be just right for you as we are running this Challenge just for the month of June.  We’re not telling you what the actual Challenge is just yet… but if you feel you can complete a shorter, one-month Challenge, this is the Challenge for you!

Registration begins May. 15th so stay tuned for the:

2015 italki June Language Challenge


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Tuck EMBA students visit the italki office!

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Earlier this week, Tuck EMBA students from the United States came to visit our italki office in Shanghai.   We really enjoy sharing the italki story with others.  Special thanks to these Tuck students who travelled so far to meet with us!

New italki Brand Ambassador Kailin

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Congratulations to Kailin for becoming an italki Brand Ambassador! Below Kailin describes her experience.


I first met italki this January, when I was searching for some English grammar questions online. One of the italki users offered a very sufficient answer, which deeply impressed me. Further exploring on italki, I felt that I discovered a new world of language learning! italki not only solves my doubts through the learning process, but also connects each of the language enthusiasts in the community. In the past, I hesitated to contact with native speakers of English because I worried that it might be somehow offensive. However, in italki, I don’t need to hesitate. I know that those who I meet are real language lovers who may want to have language exchange, or truly kind helpers who don’t expect anything but are just willing to help. My English writing and speaking skills improved dramatically with the help of my italki friends and teachers. Many of them offered really professional corrections and advice. Gradually, I saw fewer errors in writing and gained more fluency in speaking. As I progressed, my italki friends cheered for me as much as I did for myself. They are teachers, friends and even mentors. Moreover, I am so glad that my corrections for Mandarin writings are also helpful and effective! italki is not only a community of give-and-take, but a place that generates goodwill and kindness.

One day, I received an email advertising for becoming an italki brand ambassador and now here I am. I am delighted to promote italki among the language enthusiasts on campus. I am cheerful to hear my friends saying “italki is amazing”. I am also happy to see that italki is growing increasingly popular and helping more and more language enthusiasts.Photo-6

On Nov. 2nd, I promoted italki during the regular training held by the language club in our university, which I have been actively involved in. Only one out of the sixty members ever used italki before, but they are all language lovers! During the event, I did a presentation about how I used and benefited from italki, especially writing notebooks, asking questions and having online lessons. Their “wow” expressions told me that they were very intrigued! When I was distributing the italki promotion cards in the end, many of them asked whether they could have an extra one for their friends. italki is an ideal place if you want to get immersed in a language and improve it with the lowest cost. I am lucky that I found it this year and I really hope that italki can reach more language lovers in the future!”


If you’re interested in becoming an italki Student Brand Ambassador please contact Ilar at for more information!


It’s Coming! The New Year’s Language Challenge is almost here!

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Ever since the October Language Challenge ended, many of you have been asking us when the next language challenge will be and we can finally tell you!  We will soon be starting our New Year’s Language Challenge!

Many people like making New Year’s Resolutions! Many of the common ones involve: to work out more, to lose weight, to volunteer to help others more, to give up eating junk food etc.

These are all great resolutions but we want to you to add an important one to your list:to learn a new language!

Maybe you want to do it for  work, maybe you want to be able to talk to that cute guy/girl in his/her native tongue, maybe you want to be able to impress your in-laws, maybe you want to travel to a new country, or maybe you have just always had an interest in learning a new language!

What ever the reason is, we’re giving you  a great opportunity to get it done!  We’re not going to give away all the details yet, but registration starts on January 1st! Stay tuned for more details on the:

italki New Year’s Challenge


We hope to see you sign up!

Picture by Hehaden