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It’s a new, powerful tool that allows people to Tweet or Facebook an announcement all together on the same day, at the exact same time to be heard loud and clear! We’re working with Thunderclap to make this biggest, most exciting Language Challenge ever! Get ready!

This summer join thousands of other language learners and achieve the common goal of learning a new language together!  Our Language Challenges have proven to help language learners get into a habit of learning. It helps by setting a clear goal they need to meet.

See Who’s Taking June Language Challenge

If you are taking June Language challenge we’re giving away 50 free ITC if you make a video challenge pledge. Life Hacks research has shown that if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through because others are watching.  So use peer pressure to your advantage!  So help out your fellow language learners participating in the challenge!  Leave them words of encouragement on their notebook entries!  And don’t forget to sign up for yourself, and get the summer of to a great start!


Janie  from Thailand is learning Spanish and Italian
Janie has been learning Spanish and Italian with our native teachers on italki for a while, she had took part in our New Year’s Language Challenge and can’t wait for another exciting challenge. Janie will be participating in our June Language challenge and continue to improve her Spanish and Italian! Cheer her on by leaving a note on her notebook entry.


Autumn  from the Nova Scotia, Canada is learning French
Autumn has
been teaching English on italki for 4 years, and she’s also been a student learning on italki at the same time. As a teacher and student she thought it’s great that you can only have to pay a 100 ITC registration fee and if you finish the challenge you end up winnig 300 ITC (and improve your language ability as well) !  Autumn is travelling to French speaking Canada so decided to take our June Language Challenge to improve her French!


Sylin  from the Paris, France is learning Croatian
Sylin speaks 30 different language! How inspiring!
If you missed it, she send an inspiring video of her speaking 30 different languages on italki!  Right now she’s learning Croatian and hope that she can manage to reach B2 level in this language. Give her some love by writing on her notebook.


Cassie from the Newcastle, Australia is learning French

This is Cassie’s second language challenge.  Her Public Pledge this time is pretty unique because her ultimate goal is to be able to teach breadmaking completely in French.  Check out her video below and also learn the basics of breadmaking!  She’s also got a cute daughter that distracts her!  Support her by leaving a message in her notebook entry.


Pierre Bredle from the Brazil is learning English

Pierre Bredle’s has done our language challenge 4 times!  He’s also won the language challenge all four times.  We expect that he will also complete this language challenge.  He’s taking this challenge to bring it to the next level!  Cheer him on by leaving a quick message in his notebook.


Aurore from the France is learning Japaneses

Since being a student on italki, Aurore has made an amazing progress by learning Japanese on italki!

Give her some support by leaving a quick message in her notebook.


Claudia from the Italy is learning French

Claudia is a Italian teacher on italki.  Claudia speaks very fluent French and she’s participating our June Language Chanllege to improve her French. Cheer her on by leaving a quick message in her notebook.


Jonathan from the France is learning Spanish

Jonathan is participating our June Language Challenge. Give him some support by leaving a quick message in his notebook.


David from the Sweden is learning Japaneses and German

David speaks pretty decent Japanese, he lived in Japan for 2 years. Now he’s talking June Language Challenge in order to maintain his Japanese and also improve his German!  Support him by leaving a message in his notebook.


Amanda from the United States is learning Turkish

Amanda is learning a interesting and beautiful language-Turkish! This is her June Language Challenge public pledge video. Give her some support by leaving a quick message in her notebook.


So… in the spirit of giving, we’re offering this bonus again to help you complete the Challenge!

If you’ve signed up for the italki June 2015 Language Challenge, we’re giving away even more ITC to motivate you to succeed!  Do you really want to complete the challenge?  Use peer pressure (in a good way) to help yourself achieve your language learning goal! Life Hacks research has shown that if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through because others are watching. Things that you put on the Web have a better chance of getting done!

BONUS 50ITC! Upload your Language Challenge Public Video Pledge

Make a Public Video Pledge by uploading a video to YouTube or Youku before you begin your first session (or your first few sessions).

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It’s Coming! The 2015 italki June Language Challenge

May 7th, 2015 | Posted by Jim in announcement | event | Language Challenge - (Comments Off on It’s Coming! The 2015 italki June Language Challenge)

Psst… Some of you may have heard and the rumors are true! The secret is out….

Our last Language Challenge, the New Year’s Language was a tough Challenge!  It was a 6-weeks and required you to finish 20 hours!  We had a whopping 48% of our Challengers who finished it and many of the winners made huge improvements (hint: these are BEFORE and AFTER videos) in their language learning.

Our next Language Challenge is right around the corner.  If you felt that the last Challenge was a bit too Challenging, this one might be just right for you as we are running this Challenge just for the month of June.  We’re not telling you what the actual Challenge is just yet… but if you feel you can complete a shorter, one-month Challenge, this is the Challenge for you!

Registration begins May. 15th so stay tuned for the:

2015 italki June Language Challenge


Enter your email to get SPECIAL UPDATES and be notified when the challenge registration opens!

italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge Before and After Videos!

March 24th, 2015 | Posted by William in feature | Language Challenge | Learning English | Learning Japanese | Motivation - (Comments Off on italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge Before and After Videos!)

So, first of all we would like to thank everyone of you who have joined italki’s 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge. Whatever your reasons of learning languages, we hope that by doing this challenge you will have a consistent language learning habit throughout 2015!

Here are some of the best videos that we received for this challenge:

Josie from England/Sweden, and is part of our service team completed italki’s 2015 New Year Language Challenge

 I want to take this challenge because it will push me to actually study and to be persistent. I get very frustrated that I cannot communicate with the locals, and so taking part in this challenge will help me overcome that barrier.”  Her goal is to be able to talk with the Chinese person in the office about their interest and hobbies

Here is the public video pledge that she made before the challenge

And here is the video after challenge

Søren a.k.a. Koko The Polyglot from United States successfully completed the challenge:

He took German and Catalan for this time!

Soren is an awesome language learner as you can see how he improved during the short period of time, and this is also his third time joining italki’s language challenge! Below is the video of how he improved his German and Catalan!

Soren posted a public video pledge when he began the challenge

Soren’s after the challenge video

Cassie from Australia has successfully completed italki’s New Year’s Language Challenge

She took French for 23 hours during the last 6 weeks!

Cassie actually have learned French for 12 months as an exchange students. However, she didn’t get much experience to speak the language.

She posted her public video pledge before she started the challenge

Cassie’s awesome improvement video after 6 weeks and 23 hours of French

Benjamin Bruce from United States has successfully completed the 2015 italki’s 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge

He took Korean lesson for the last 6 weeks

Since his place is almost like a Korean town, as a language enthusiast learning Korean is one of his goal. But, for this challenge he set a higher bar, not only for the basic of the language, but also being able to understand and to have a casual conversation in Korean

A public video pledge that Benjamin posted before he started the challange

Below is the result after 6 weeks of Korean

Helga Gvovdeva From Russia completed the italki’s 2015 New Year’s Language Challange

She committed to take at least 3 courses per week. Moreover, she also took classes for Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. Even greater, she didn’t even know anything for Japanese!

Below is her public video pledge before the  challenge

Below is after the challenge

She said that after the challenge she felt much more confident, and in her opinion she should not be afraid to make mistakes.

We are totally agree that mistakes are something that everybody make. So, nothing to be afraid of! (more…)