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The italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge is coming and we want you to help spread the word! We’re creating a Thunderclap, and we’d like your help.

Even if you’re not planning on taking the New Year’s Language Challenge, you can still join the Thunderclap to help spread the word to others who want to kick off 2015 and really commit to learning a new language!

What is a Thunderclap?
It’s a new, powerful tool that allows people to Tweet or Facebook an announcement all together on the same day, at the exact same time to be heard loud and clear! We’re working with Thunderclap to make this biggest, most exciting Language Challenge ever! Get ready!

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Ever since the October Language Challenge ended, many of you have been asking us when the next language challenge will be and we can finally tell you!  We will soon be starting our New Year’s Language Challenge!

Many people like making New Year’s Resolutions! Many of the common ones involve: to work out more, to lose weight, to volunteer to help others more, to give up eating junk food etc.

These are all great resolutions but we want to you to add an important one to your list:to learn a new language!

Maybe you want to do it for  work, maybe you want to be able to talk to that cute guy/girl in his/her native tongue, maybe you want to be able to impress your in-laws, maybe you want to travel to a new country, or maybe you have just always had an interest in learning a new language!

What ever the reason is, we’re giving you  a great opportunity to get it done!  We’re not going to give away all the details yet, but registration starts on January 1st! Stay tuned for more details on the:

italki New Year’s Challenge


We hope to see you sign up!

Picture by Hehaden

Congratulations, winners of the italki October challenge!

challenge_logo201409This event was record-breaking in italki history, with the highest number of participants ever!

This was a short and intense challenge, where we asked you if you could have 12 hours of language learning in the space of just one month. A huge number of you have taken up the challenge.

In all, over 53% of the participants have completed the October challenge.

Of the total number of participants, 2.6% were professional teachers, and 9.6% were community tutors.

How did the language education professionals match up?

You’d be surprised to know that more community tutors have completed the challenge than professional teachers did! Whereas the professional teachers had a rate of 50% (right around the overall average completion percentage of 53%), the community tutors have completed the challenge at the rate of 58%! Congratulations! That is impressive.

The challenge included people from countries all over the world, learning languages like Cebuano, Afrikaans, Catalan, Hebrew, Polish, and dozens of others. Many languages had only a handful dedicated students, and often these language groups had a challenge completion rate of 100%.

The most popular languages studied in the October challenge:

  1. English: 23.24% of the participants took most of their sessions to learn English
  2. Spanish:    16.70%
  3. French:        7.85%
  4. Chinese:      7.04%
  5. Russian:      5.43%
  6. Japanese:    4.73%
  7. German:       4,33%
  8. Italian:          4.23%
  9. Korean:         2.52%
  10. Portuguese:  2.52%

We have also learned how important social encouragement is in any difficult undertaking:

Posting a Public Video Pledge Really Helps!


Of those who have posted a public video pledge, 83%  completed the challenge. We had a lot of challengers who made one here and here and here as well.

Even if some didn’t quite make it, a huge 93% have completed at least 6 hours of language instruction during the month of October.


Congratulations, everyone!

We are still finalizing results, and will be sending out an e-mail to the winners soon.

In the meantime, should you have any issues, questions, or concerns – please write to us:

Andy is our new UX Designer and recently joined the italki team in September.  One of the first things he did was join the italki October Language Challenge as he really needs to improve his Chinese as you can tell from his Public Video Pledge.  He’s graciously offered to blog about his experiences and how he is going to conquer the Challenge!  Take it away Andy…

andy 3

Yeah! I Made it!!!

I’m so happy i was finally able to focus an entire month on learning chinese, i really needed it!
I always thought that chinese is way to difficult but it only requires some time and dedication.

Looking back at it, it wasn’t even so hard. 12 hours per month, or 3 hours per week are something really easy to achieve.

The main lesson that i learnt is that i also needed to account time to review the lesson by myself in order to be really efficient with the time i spend with the teacher. This improves the result by a lot, but it also requires more time than i thought.

Developing a routine was also useful to achieve the goal.

A routine that was working for me, was to wake up earlier and get a class before going to work. Additionally, i was alternating teacher’s lessons days with personal review days. This also helps you optimize the cost of your learning, at the end of the month i practiced around 20-24 in total, but only 12 of those hours were with a teacher.

Overall, it feels great now!

I can finally start to have some short conversations with my chinese friends in chinese, but i still have a long time to go before been able to properly hold a more serious discussion.
Fortunately, there will be a new language challenge soon! ;) (I have inside information!)

Happy learning!

P.S. Check out my AFTER challenge video below!

Challenge Completed!

October 30th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | Motivation - (1 Comments)

We just found this on Instagram! Happy to hear all from all the people who are finishing the Challenge!

About the @italki October Language Challenge… 14 hours and 30 minutes. #italkichallenge #french #learninglanguages

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