Lindsaydoeslanguages is blogging about her World Cup Language Challenge and we’re reposting here to share with the entire italki Community. This blog post originally was posted on Lindsaydoeslanguages.com website.

Wow! Three weeks in already! Crazy stuff.

This week’s goal, as you may remember, was to learn the lyrics to Ai Se Eu Te Pego. Well, it turns out there’s actually not that many lyrics and I must have listened to it so much that I knew most of it! Not wanted to do something too easy (you gotta keep challenging yourself!) I decided to add another song in there to learn – Balada Boa by Gustavo Lima. The most arrogant song ever.

This week’s video was a lot of fun to film – because I had people with me! My friends Hannah and Gabi joined me to check I was saying everything right. Gabi is actually Brazilian and was staying with us over the weekend so that was pretty perfect! Thanks for helping Gabi and Hannah!

I had a great lesson this week with one of my tutors Fernanda and we talked all about the subjunctive! So for next weeks goal, I’ll be including lots of subjunctive in my video. Eeek.

Are you doing the italki World Cup Language Challenge? How is it going? I’d love to know in the comments!

Amelia from the UK is currently taking the italki World Cup Language Challenge to learn Korean.  She uploaded a Public Video Pledge and even started a personal blog site to help motivate her – Hallyu to 한국어.   We were so impressed with her efforts that we asked if we could repost what she had written on her personal blog as she gives weekly updates on her progress.  Check out her latest post – reposted with permission.

italki World Cup Language Challenge Week 2

Okay, so we are now into the 3rd week of the italki World Cup Challenge so it’s time for an update on my week 2 progress.

Hours completed so far: 6hrs 15mins
Hours scheduled this week: 4hrs 30 mins

I’m meant to have done 6hrs so far so I’m still on track :-) I am finding the lessons very useful and can feel myself gradually starting to pick up things even in this short period of time. I think it has been a great experience for me to see that I can have a stressful and tiring job but still put in the hours to learn a language properly if I have something motivating me to do it.
Obviously language learning has to be fun, especially as it is mainly a hobby for me, but it still requires a lot of dedication otherwise words are learnt and immediately forgotten – which is kind of a waste of time! I’m doing my lessons around 11pm on workdays due to the time difference but somehow it doesn’t feel like a chore, especially when I can see myself beginning to learn new grammar and vocab and it actually sticks.

I go to a language meetup once a week and although I’m still a little shy about talking in Korean myself unless pushed (the level of people’s English is much higher!), I could understand conversations around me this week. Even if I don’t know specific vocab, I could recognise enough basic grammar to get the gist – I think it surprised people!

The only thing I would say is that these lessons are cutting into my self-study time which means I don’t spend as much time going over grammar, and have to try and fit it in at the weekend. However, that is something you can always re-visit, and I hope that building it up through conversation will help me to contextualise in a way that a textbook doesn’t.

In the space of a few weeks, I have gone from having never heard of italki to recommending it to anyone I can. I’m most definitely a fan!


imageLindsaydoeslanguages is blogging about her World Cup Language Challenge and we’re reposting here to share with the entire italki Community. This blog post originally was posted on Lindsaydoeslanguages.com website.

Week 2 of the World Cup Language Challenge is almost over! Time flies when you’re having fun, hey? 7 lessons in now and already, I’m feeling much more confident with my spoken Portuguese. I’ve had a great selection of teachers so far. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in learning Portuguese!

Not only am I beginning to identify the differences between Portuguese and Spanish, but I’m also picking up the slight differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese.

This week’s video is more football related, mainly because the World Cup actually started yesterday, partly because I want to get my football vocabulary in early before week 6 when I’ll be commentating some football – in Portuguese! Eek!

I decided that instead of a news story, I would read an extract from the Portuguese Wikipedia entry about the World Cup, sorry, Copa do Mondo. I didn’t even look at it before filming the video, which was a conscious decision to highlight the things I need to work on. One thing I wasn’t not too sure about was numbers – especially years! It also made it clear that there’ll be some football lingo such as ‘nil’ that I’ll have to learn.

Have a look at the video right here:

Do you think there’s an improvement from last week’s video? If you have any Portuguese football vocab you think would be useful, let me know in the comments!

Brian Foley is one of our newest Community Tutors.  If we had a contest for best Teacher Introduction video, he would win it hands-down.

We were so impressed with his video making ability, was asked if he might be able to make a Language Challenge video for us… to which he enthusiastically said yes and created. We had no idea what he was going to create but were pleasantly surprised by this masterpiece!

This video not only is hilarious to watch but it really inspires you to take the Language Challenge!

Even though the Challenge has already begun, you can still join until June 15th!
(you’ll just have to work extra hard to catch up!)

Sign Up For the 2014 italki World Cup Language Challenge

Brian is looking for new students now and he probably can do some video editing work should you need it as well.

When we received the first batch of Public Video Pledges, we thought that was pretty cool as we really didn’t know if anyone would do it. We were pleasantly surprised when we’ve received even more Public Video Pledges and put up the second batch.

You really need to take some time to watch these Public Video Pledges as we hope these will serve as some inspiration for you to start learning a new language now!!!

Once again we want to congratulate all our Challengers who promised to finish the Challenge and we want to remind to all of you who have not joined the World Cup Language Challenge yet, that there is still time to register and to make your Public Video Pledge and earn 50ITC as a bonus! (Click here for more details)

Megan  from the United States
Megan decided to take part in the World Cup Language Challenge to learn Croatian. She will be taking 25 hours worth of lessons in this language plus she has committed to study one hour a day on her own. Her Public Video pledge is below. Please comment on her Notebook entry!

As Megan hails from the United States, she hopes USA win the World Cup! However, she feels that it’s Germany or Spain winning the World Cup!


Charise  from the United States
Charise is learning Korean and her goal is to reach the intermediate level by the end of the Challenge. She publicly pledged to complete 2 to 3 lessons every week for the Language Challenge. She will also try to publish a video a week to show us her progresses. Let’s wish her good luck by commenting on her Notebook entry!