See Who’s Taking this Year’s Challenge

If you are taking this year’s challenge we’re giving away 50 free ITC if you make a video challenge pledge. Life Hacks research has shown that if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through because others are watching.  So use peer pressure to your advantage!  So help out your fellow language learners participating in the challenge!  Leave them words of encouragement on their notebook entries!  And don’t forget to sign up for yourself, and get 2015 of to a great start!

Cassie from Australia is learning French
She has been learning French for 12 months at University so far, though she has had little opportunity to speak French and practice her listening skills.  So despite facing the concurrent challenge of raising children, she will be taking the New Year’s challenge to continue to improve her French! Provide advice and support on her notebook.

David Jackson from the UK is learning Mandarin 
After going to Taiwan he became inspired to learn the language.  He would love to spend more time in Taiwan and also hopes to be able to converse with his girlfriend in Chinese.  While speaking a little already, he hopes to make great strides over the coming 2 months! Help David out by commenting on his notebook.


So… in the spirit of giving, we’re offering this bonus again to help you complete the Challenge!

If you’ve signed up for the italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge, we’re giving away even more ITC to motivate you to succeed!  Do you really want to complete the challenge?  Use peer pressure (in a good way) to help yourself achieve your language learning goal! Life Hacks research has shown that if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through because others are watching. Things that you put on the Web have a better chance of getting done!

BONUS 50ITC! Upload your Language Challenge Public Video Pledge

Make a Public Video Pledge by uploading a video to YouTube or Youku before you begin your first session (or your first few sessions).

What should you say in your Public Video Pledge?

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New italki Brand Ambassador Kailin

December 29th, 2014 | Posted by Ilar in announcement | event | feature | Learning English | Motivation - (Comments Off)

Congratulations to Kailin for becoming an italki Brand Ambassador! Below Kailin describes her experience.


I first met italki this January, when I was searching for some English grammar questions online. One of the italki users offered a very sufficient answer, which deeply impressed me. Further exploring on italki, I felt that I discovered a new world of language learning! italki not only solves my doubts through the learning process, but also connects each of the language enthusiasts in the community. In the past, I hesitated to contact with native speakers of English because I worried that it might be somehow offensive. However, in italki, I don’t need to hesitate. I know that those who I meet are real language lovers who may want to have language exchange, or truly kind helpers who don’t expect anything but are just willing to help. My English writing and speaking skills improved dramatically with the help of my italki friends and teachers. Many of them offered really professional corrections and advice. Gradually, I saw fewer errors in writing and gained more fluency in speaking. As I progressed, my italki friends cheered for me as much as I did for myself. They are teachers, friends and even mentors. Moreover, I am so glad that my corrections for Mandarin writings are also helpful and effective! italki is not only a community of give-and-take, but a place that generates goodwill and kindness.

One day, I received an email advertising for becoming an italki brand ambassador and now here I am. I am delighted to promote italki among the language enthusiasts on campus. I am cheerful to hear my friends saying “italki is amazing”. I am also happy to see that italki is growing increasingly popular and helping more and more language enthusiasts.Photo-6

On Nov. 2nd, I promoted italki during the regular training held by the language club in our university, which I have been actively involved in. Only one out of the sixty members ever used italki before, but they are all language lovers! During the event, I did a presentation about how I used and benefited from italki, especially writing notebooks, asking questions and having online lessons. Their “wow” expressions told me that they were very intrigued! When I was distributing the italki promotion cards in the end, many of them asked whether they could have an extra one for their friends. italki is an ideal place if you want to get immersed in a language and improve it with the lowest cost. I am lucky that I found it this year and I really hope that italki can reach more language lovers in the future!”


If you’re interested in becoming an italki Student Brand Ambassador please contact Ilar at for more information!


Check out Videos of Students Who Completed the October Challenge

The New Year is fast approaching.  As 2014 comes to a close, it’s important to think about your goals and resolutions for the year of 2015.  We hope you remember to put learning a foreign language on your list. After all, italki is providing a perfect chance to get you started and stay motivated with the italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge.

To help get you motivated, we wanted to show you some of the videos that  our students made after they completed the last language challenge in October.  Everyone had good things to say about the last challenge and we hope that watching these videos will convince you to participate yourself. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Lindsay (Japanese): 12 hours in one month completed!

An enthusiastic language learner who learned Portuguese through the World Cup Language Challenge, was back for more this past Fall.  Japanese is not an easy language to learn but she put in her hours and made significant gains!  We look forward to seeing what she will be capable of achieving this upcoming year.



Crystal (Spanish): 12 hours in one month completed!

Crystal has been a member on our site for two years now.  She has been diligently working to increase her fluency in Spanish, a language that she “absolutely loves!”  She took full advantage of the October challenge to do so.  We hope to see her take on the Challenge this January.




Help us announce the biggest language challenge ever!

The italki 2015 New Year’s Language Challenge is coming and we want you to help spread the word! We’re creating a Thunderclap, and we’d like your help.

Even if you’re not planning on taking the New Year’s Language Challenge, you can still join the Thunderclap to help spread the word to others who want to kick off 2015 and really commit to learning a new language!

What is a Thunderclap?
It’s a new, powerful tool that allows people to Tweet or Facebook an announcement all together on the same day, at the exact same time to be heard loud and clear! We’re working with Thunderclap to make this biggest, most exciting Language Challenge ever! Get ready!

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