OK… OK… we’re still getting more Public Video Pledges. When we received the first batch of Public Video Pledges we thought that was pretty cool as we really didn’t know if anyone would do it. We were pleasantly surprised when we received even more Public Video Pledges and put up the second batch. Even though we are approaching the second week of the Language Challenge, we received even more video pledges from Challengers. Take some time to watch these pledges below.

Again, we want to applaud those all our Challengers who were brave enough to publicly promising to finish the Challenge. There’s still time so you can make your Public Video Pledge and earn 50ITC as a bonus!(Click here for more details)

Let’s give the following Challengers a big round of digital applause by commenting on their Notebook Entrees! We also hope that these pledges serve as motivation for you to finish the Challenge!

Laura from Spain
Laura hails from Spain but is now living in Peru and has joined the Challenge to learn Korean. She is also one of our newest Professional Teachers teaching Spanish and English. If you’re taking the Challenge and learning any of these 2 languages, you should take some lessons with her. Teachers with her experience and credentials get their schedules booked very quickly so make a request now as she is new. Also make sure to thumbs up her notebook entry and give her some love for her efforts in the Challenge.


[This blog post originally appeared as a blog post on Koko the Polyglot's website.  Reposted with permission.]

It will be a week from tomorrow since the iTalki Language Challenge began (and if you still want to participate, remember you have until the 31st to sign up!)  After taking 4 sessions (2 don’t count because I started them before the challenge began.), I can already notice a difference in my ability to speak Japanese!

Now I’ve been learning Japanese (seriously) on my own since 2008 but one of the things I struggled with the most was actually speaking the language.  It seemed like when I was always hitting a plateau, especially when it came to speaking. I was going through a labyrinth trying to experiment with different language methods until I could finally find something that would be sufficient to work with.

So what has this challenge taught me so far?

Consistency Is Absolutely Vital

(X marks the spot!)

One of things that held me back from making progress in Japanese was not dedicating enough time to improve BOTH my active (speaking and writing) and passive (reading and listening) learning skills.  In the past, I would either focus on active only or passive only not realising that you would need both to truly make a breakthrough in the target language. (more…)

Hi everyone! I just finished my first week of the italki Language Challenge. Watch my video to hear my thoughts about the Challenge so far.(and you thought I didn’t speak English)


Continuing from our first post of Public Video Pledges, we’ve received more from dedicated Challengers all over the world who have bravely posted their Public Video Pledge! (Click here for more details)

We are very impressed by the massive turnout of Challengers from all around the world.  As we mentioned at the start of the Challengewe’ve got hundreds of Challengers learning more than 30+ languages on italki!  However, we did not mention the number of people who are not just learning one language… but learning two… or even three languages for the Challenge!  If you haven’t started learning a new language yet, you need to watch these Public Video Pledges as we hope these will serve as some inspiration for you to kickstart your New Year’s Resolution to learn a new language now!

Tom from San Francisco
We were blown away with this Public Video Pledge because Tom is not just learning one language… or even two langauges…  He is one of the few (there actually could be many more) that are learning 3 languages for the Language Challenge!  His Public Video Pledge is a bit longer than others because he speaks in 3 different languages (French, Norwegian, and Chinese) in the video. Please let him know how awesome he is by commenting on his post! You have to check this out!


So our very own Marketing Manager, Lexie is taking the italki 2014 New Year’s Language Challenge to learn French.  Watch what she has to say about starting the Challenge.

Current Progress Check

Total Completed Sessions = 0

Upcoming Sessions =  3 sessions this week Tonight January 15th, Tomorrow January 16th, and Saturday January 17th

Let’s hope she can do it!