2016 New Year’s italki Language Challengers- Make a Public Video Pledge!

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If you’ve signed up for the italki Language Challenge , here is a trick to motivate you to succeed!  Do you really want to complete the challenge?  Use peer pressure (in a good way) to help yourself achieve your language learning goal! Research has shown that if you put yourself up to something by doing it in public, you follow through because others are watching. Things that you put on the Web have a better chance of getting done!

How to Upload your Language Challenge Public Video Pledge

Make a Public Video Pledge by uploading a video to YouTube or Youku before you begin your first session (or your first few sessions).

Youtube video example:

Youku video example:


The Best Place to Practice Your Esperanto Skills in August is…

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On August 2nd, over 300 hundred young people from all corners of the world will assemble in Wiesbaden, Germany for cultural exchange, learning, and most importantly: a celebration. What they will be celebrating is a constructed language, Esperanto, at the 71st Esperanto Youth Congress. italki is proud to sponsor this event, and support the Esperanto community.


The Event:

The World Esperanto Youth Organization (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo) TEJO, has created the Esperanto Youth Congress (Internacia Junulara Kongreso, or just IJK) to encourage the youth involved in the Esperanto movement to share their experience.

Most importantly, this event allows Esperanto speakers to practice speaking the language within a community, reinforcing the international applicability of the language. Many of the participants may still be starting out in the language; being able to reinforce the acquisition socially, through one-on-one communication in a friendly atmosphere helps preserve and encourage the community around this language.

The IJK started in 1938, in the The Netherlands, and is seeing its 71st iteration. The event has been held in multiple countries, and is the largest such event oriented specifically at encouraging younger speakers to improve and perfect their communicative Esperanto ability, and therefore encourage a new generation of practitioners of the language.

The Youth Congress generally sees several hundred Esperantists, approximately 18 – 35 years of age, who share a passion for “the language of hope” and the ideals of open cross-cultural communication.


italki Involvement:

italki has sponsored previous events like the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin (http://polyglotberlin.com/) and sees its role in the new language learning environment as that of supporting linguistic diversity, inter-personal learning, and effective, learn-by-doing approaches to education by connecting language learners with fluent or native-speaking teachers of any language, no matter where in the world those students or teachers may be.

Considering that Esperanto is a language without a country, going home after an event can mean leaving the Esperanto community except for online connections. Working together with the event organizers, italki is providing an online community with online teachers, and hopes to encourage enthusiastic new Esperanto speakers to keep practicing what they learned even after the event has finished.

More importantly, the spirit of the Esperanto culture (by nature multi-national, inclusive, and communication-oriented) aligns with the way that italki celebrates language learning and the important human connections that inevitably come with it.

It is italki’s mission to make learning a language an interpersonal, accessible, and affordable experience. Celebrating and supporting the Esperanto community and IJK simply falls within the company’s core beliefs.


Follow the Youth Congress on Twitter: @IJK2015

Follow italki on Twitter: @italki


2015 June Language Challenge “Get Started” Guide

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Are you ready for the Challenge?

The clock starts on June 1st, but here are 4 things that you should do BEFORE the Challenge starts to set yourself up for success.  Our experience shows that preparation really pays off!


Tip 1. Choose your teacher(s) ahead of time

Try to complete those trial sessions so you can choose your teacher(s) and begin planning. Many italki students find it helpful to work with several teachers.

Out of trial sessions?  If you used all three long ago when you first registered, email italki support to ask for more.

Still looking for teachers?  Find one here: browse teacher profiles.


If you’re about to have your first italki class, then this is for you:

FAQ: It’s my first italki session. What should I do?

Tip 2. Schedule sessions (or a package) in advance

Booking your sessions early is a great way to make sure you’ll put in your time and complete the Challenge. Even better, buying a package and booking the hours in advance is an excellent way of making yourself commit!

Here at italki, it’s a strategy we use ourselves to cope with our busy schedules!

Want to schedule something now? Here are some links:


Tip 3. Set your goal and discuss with your teacher

Set your own Challenge goal in advance. What would you like to be able to do by the end of June? Decide on at least one little thing you will do every day to keep moving forward toward your goal.  If you’d like some help with this, try answering these ten questions to help you clarify your Challenge goal  (you will have to sign in to a Google account).

What will success look like to you? It could be everything from a conversation with a native speaker to being able to read a restaurant menu and place an order!


Tip 4. Tell your friends

Social support is a great way to motivate yourself, both by receiving encouragement and by publicly declaring your Challenge goal.  Add your voice to the Thunderclap announcement.  If you make a video pledge to announce your goal, we’ll send you 50 ITC!

Here’s one of our favorites!  We love Cassie’s sense of humor, creativity, and her unique personal challenge goal of explaining how to make bread all in French!  This is what it’s all about!

Encourage Cassie by commenting on her notebook entry here.

Additional Language Challenge Resources:

Challenge Official Site and Registration Page

Challenge Rules and FAQs

Challenge Blog Coverage

2014 italki World Cup Language Challenge Prizes!

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Throughout the 2014 italki World Cup Language Challenge we will be giving away prizes to challengers who promote us on social media!

We have  awarded our first prize to @amhumphries on Twitter, 250 USD in italki credits!!!  That’s enough to finish the Language Challenge for free!

For all those who did not win this time, do not be discouraged because there are other prizes for you. To win the next prize which will be 50 USD in italki credits we’ll need you to show a little World Cup enthusiasm! (click here for more details)!

Don’t forget to check out the 2014 italki World Cup Language Challenge Official Page.

We know you can do it! Keep it up!

If you ever have questions, or need any help contact us at support@italki.com

Language Challenge Prizes!

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Throughout the challenge we will be giving away prizes to challengers who promote us on social media.

We have awarded our first spot prize to @CabildoSpanish on twitter, a free OXFORD English Online Placement Test!!!