DevOps Engineer – Technology Team


We are seeking a DevOps Engineer who will be responsible for the operation and maintenance work of the entire platform of italki. You will help automate and streamline our operations and processes, build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and operations along with troubleshooting and resolving issues in our dev, test and production environments.

italki is a growing language education startup, that is focused on the human side of language learning.  and is changing the way the world learns foreign languages. The italki Team is a multinational group of language lovers and tech enthusiasts. Both English and Mandarin are our official office languages. We’re growing quickly and we’re hiring! Please send your CV to




  • We’d like you to be familiar with modern cloud computing infrastructures and able to operate with large number of cloud servers servicing customers from all different parts of the world.
  • Build the entire operation and maintenance architecture for the italki platform – Update and improve the development, test, deployment workflow of the platform, catering to the every increasing demand of the business needs
  • Build the criteria and standard regarding operation and maintenance – Based on the workflow, maintain, update and enforce the operation standard to increase system automation and reduce incidents.   
  • Implement some script using python – Applicant should be familiar with python for backend system jobs
  • 建立整个公司平台的运维架构,满足公司的不断变化的业务要求
  • 建立运维体系的标准和规范,使运维自动化,简单化
  • 用python 实现一些必要的脚本



  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science is preferred
  • Have 3~5 years of operation and maintenance (sys admin) experience of large websites
  • Skills in Debian, Tornado, nginx, MySQL, Redis, Zendesk, Jenkins, Fabric, Ansible
  • – Familiar with linux system and admin tools
    – Familiar with database administration tools.
    – Familiar with software delivery technologies
  • Ability to utilize agile management model for teamwork  
  • A desire to share technical knowledge and help your team members
  • Able to communicate in English
  • 计算机科学专业的学士学位优先考虑
  • 有3~5年大型网站的实际运维经验
  • 懂得和理解运维工作的相关知识和技能:
  •   Debian, Tornado, nginx, MySQL, Redis, Zendesk, Jenkins, Fabric, Ansible
  • 能够很好的运用敏捷管理模式在团队之中
  • 有技术分享和帮助团队成员的渴望
  • 良好的英语沟通
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