Full-Stack Developer – Technology Team


italki is a growing language education startup, that is focused on the human side of language learning. We are looking for a talented Full-stack Developer to help us build our highly-scalable systems using open-source technologies in concert with Python-based applications.

At italki, you will work with engineers and designers in a diverse and rapidly changing environment.  We are seeking a developer who would have specialized knowledge in all stages of software development.  Ideally you should have worked on Python-based web applications, and are up-to-date with the latest Python frameworks, trends, and practices.

We are a fast-growing tech startup looking for an individual who wants to be part of an exciting, yet relaxed working environment. The position is based in Shanghai, China. Candidates not based in China or not able to relocate to Shanghai, China need not apply.

The italki team is a multinational group of language lovers and tech enthusiasts. Both English and Mandarin are our official office languages. We’re growing quickly and we’re hiring! Please send your CV to recruiting@italki.com.



  •  能够进行全栈 ( Web/移动端/后端 )开发,能够使用多种语言编写代码,包括并不限于Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3等;
  •  能够使用掌握的语言绘制高质量界面;
  • 与产品、设计师团队紧密配合,迭代产品;
  • 与后端工程师紧密合作,打造可伸缩的后端服务
  • Able to carry out the full stack (Web/ mobile client / back-end) development, can use a variety of languages to write code, including not limited to Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc.; 
  • Familiar with modern web development languages including but not limited to python, javascript, ruby etc, and experienced with mobile and web development technologies
  • Ability to use the language to create a high quality interface; Good front end user interface coding ability
  • Work closely with the product and designer team to iterate the product;
  • Work closely with back-end engineers to build scalable back-end services



  • 至少3年前端开发经验, 2年后端,2年移动端开发经验
  • 了解并掌握AngularJS或Reactjs等等前端主流框架,了解其他MVC框架并对数据前后端分离有深入理解者
  • 了解并掌握Bootstrap
  •  熟悉前端自动化工具gulp/grunt/bower
  • 了解ecmascript6
  • 了解并掌握Python开发框架,熟悉或了解Tornado
  • 了解并掌握REST API相关原理以及JSon规范优先
  • 了解WEB 应用相关部署运维方案并有实际经验者优先
  • 了解并掌握分布式系统设计,开发,部署,运维相关技能者优先
  • 了解并掌握消息,Redis,MySQL相关技术者优先
  • 至少熟悉并掌握一种移动端开发技术
  • 了解 React Native 技术者优先
  • 工作积极主动,有创业热情和良好的团队协作能力
  • 能够独立按时完成任务,代码符合公司规范


  • At least 3 years experience in Front-end development, with a minimum of 2 years experience in the development of mobile terminal for the past 2 years
  • Understand and master the AngularJS / Reactjs and so on the front end of the mainstream framework, understand other MVC framework and the data before and after the separation of the deep understanding
  • Understand and master Bootstrap
  • Familiar with front-end automation tools gulp/grunt/bower
  • Understanding ecmascript6 (ES6)
  • Understand and master the Python development framework, familiar with Tornado
  • Understand and master the REST API principle and JSon specification is preferred
  • Understanding of WEB application deployment operation and maintenance program and practical experience is preferred
  • Understand and master the distributed system design, development, deployment, operation and maintenance related skills are preferred
  • Understand and grasp the news, Redis, MySQL related technology is preferred
  • At least familiar with a mobile client development technology
  • React Native technology is a plus
  • Proactive, entrepreneurial passion and good team player
  • Ability to complete tasks on time and in line with company specifications


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