Software Engineer – Python – Mobile Technology Team


italki is a growing language education startup, that is focused on the human side of language learning. Everyday we connect millions of learners to natives of more than 75 languages.

italki is seeking a Software Engineer with experience in Python development to work on our Mobile Technology Team. Ideally you should have worked on Python-based web applications, and are up-to-date with the latest Python frameworks, trends, and practices. Ideally, you should also have experience building highly-scalable systems using open-source technologies in concert with Python-based applications.

You must be able to work in a startup environment. You must be able to think through longer-term code and architecture issues, while being able to develop new products.

We are a fast-growing tech startup looking for an individual who wants to be part of an exciting, yet friendly working environment. The position is based in Shanghai, China. Candidates from other locations need not apply. The italki team is a multinational group of language lovers and tech enthusiasts. Both English and Mandarin are our official office languages. We’re growing quickly and we’re hiring! Please send your CV to



  • 参与软件项目周期的大部分工作,包括分析、设计、开发及后续部署运维等工作;
  • 能够根据项目的实际需要,进行技术方案的分析、调研及选型;
  • 发现和解决系统开发中存在的技术问题,解决关键的技术难题;
  • 根绝产品需求按时完成开发任务;
  • 改进并且重构现有的代码结构
  • Participate in most of the software project cycle, including analysis, design, development and subsequent deployment operations;
  • Able to analyze, investigate and select technical solutions according to the actual needs of the project;
  • Identify and solve technical problems in system development, and solve key technical problems;
  • Improving and refactoring the original python source code structure;
  • Implementing development tasks according to product requirements



  • 本科及以上学历,计算机、软件工程、信息管理、计算机应用等专业;
  • 1-3年以上Python开发经验, 两年以上python服务端开发经验;
  • 熟悉MVC架构,熟练掌握Python web开发框架,精通Tornado或者其他Python Web开发框架(如Django)者优先;
  • 具备数据库设计能力,精通掌握MySql者优先;
  • 很好的理解和运用: Html5, CSS3 and AngularJS;
  • 熟悉Linux操作系统,熟悉Ngnix等Web Server的部署和应用;
  • 有大型网络服务开发,在高并发,高稳定性方面有经验者优先;
  • 具备良好的编码习惯及开发文档书写习惯,代码符合公司规范要求;
  • 具有优秀的团队合作和沟通协作能力,善于学习,乐于分享,能承受较大工作压力


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, software engineering, information management, computer application, etc.;
  • 1-3 + years of Python development experience, more than two years experience in Python server development;
  • Familiar with MVC architecture, familiar with Python web development framework, proficient in Tornado or other Python Web development framework (such as Django) is preferred;
  • Database design skills, proficient in MySql is preferred;
  • Skills in Html5, CSS3 and AngularJS preferred as well;
  • Familiar with Linux operating system, familiar with Ngnix and other Web Server deployment and application;
  • Large network service development, experience in high concurrency, high stability is preferred;
  • Have good coding habits and develop the habit of writing documents;
  • Good team work and communication skills, good at learning, willing to share, able to work under pressure;
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies (Scrum)


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