For Week 3 of the Challenge, LindsayDoesLanguages gives us an update on how her Challenge is going.  She runs her own language learning blog where she blogs about her adventures learning and teaching different languages.  Below is her latest post that we felt we had to share with all your Challengers!  Reposted with permission.

Almost half way through the italki Language Challenge and I’m still alive! I haven’t been swallowed into the depths of German grammar never to return, nor have I been so overwhelmed I’m rocking back and forth in the corner. Nope. Still going, still learning and still loving it.

I made a rough plan of when I’d need to have lessons each week to achieve the challenge, fitting them around life accordingly. Unfortunately, Chinese New Year isn’t marked on my year view calendar and seeing as my German tutor lives in China, I suppose there was always bound to be some disruption. We seem to have come out the other end surprisingly not too far behind what I’d anticipated at this point, which is good news.

As for my German? I am feeling much more confident and prepared for my oral exam in May, which back at the start of the year was a big scary thought! The good news? I still have 11 lessons to go (1 later today – I’m not that far behind my schedule!) and I’m quite excited to see how I feel speaking German after these additional lessons. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting a video of my progress after all 20 lessons (eek!).

That sounds good! Can I do it?

Unfortunately, the deadline for this italki Language Challenge has passed but the site is open all year round with an abundance of tutors in a huge choice of languages. I’m even on there myself as an English tutor. :)

Great! So I just chat for an hour?

lindsay21You can make the lesson as intense or relaxed as you like it. If you’re after some hardcore grammar or starting from scratch, maybe a professional tutor would be the way to go. However, if you already have a sprinkling of the language you want to learn, there are also community tutors on offer, which is great if you need conversation practise to boost your language! (more…)

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Lexie Language Challenge – Week 2

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Lexie in Language Challenge | Motivation - (Comments Off on Lexie Language Challenge – Week 2)

So Jim sat down with me today to check how my Language Challenge is going.  Below is our conversation about Week 2:

How’s your Language Challenge Progress so far?

Language Challenge Completed Sessions:  6
Language Challenge Sessions Remaining:  14
Session Schedule for Week 3:  3

So how are you feeling after week 2 of the Challenge?
I feel that I am on the right track. Taking lessons absolute helps me to practice speaking French in an efficient way.  I feel learning a foreign language is a strange thing, even you stop to use this language for one week,  you really  feel that you start to fall behind, and you could not speak as well as before. Taking 3 sessions per week for me is not very easy because my job is really busy, and last week one of my French teacher was busy with his school stuff so he canceled one of the sessions.  There were a couple of days that I stopped taking lessons, but when I started back to taking it again I could feel that my French had regressed.  It really proves that I need to keep up with practicing more regularly in the future!


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So we’ve got even more Public Video Pledges and these are too good not to share with everyone. You can watch them all here:

Public Video PledgesFirst Batch,  Second Batch, and the Third Batch

And the first Public Video Pledge made by Lexie that started them all!

So here’s the latest Challengers and their Public Video Pledges:

Tashippy from the United States
Tashippy just got back from a trip to Mexico so he lost a week but is determined to improve his Spanish and also learn Japanese! He states in his Notebook entry: “Here is my video, I haven’t watched it because I don’t like watching myself butcher foreign languages and do Youtube videos :P” so please watch it for him and let tell him what you think. We think he does an excellent job!


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How are Students using Instant Tutoring?

January 28th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in announcement | feature - (Comments Off on How are Students using Instant Tutoring?)

With Instant Tutoring you can get speaking practice with a teacher…instantly! Simply log on to italki, find a tutor, and start learning a foreign language right away! No more waiting!

Instant Tutoring Feedback

The past month we’ve been carefully gathering feedback from Student and Teachers about Instant Tutoring and wanted to ask the question, “How are students actually using Instant Tutoring?”


To answer this question, we turned to italki members to see how they are using it and here is what they said:

Instant Tutoring is great for getting a Teacher within Minutes:

watch“That was an excellent session, especially that it was an instant tutoring session and Polina didn’t have any time to prepare for the class. She met my needs as she adjusted to my level and learning style perfectly well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” – Ewelina

“This is my first time to have a instant session. Very good experience, book the lesson and then begin the lesson in a few minutes. Thank you Marie for the interesting lesson!” – eltonsong

“With this feature I can find 30 minutes at different points in my day and just use my smartphone.” – Luke

“Lauren is fantastic help if you need important text proofread! Available at the last minute (for “instant tutoring”) when I needed something last minute. A great chance to make your documents more professional and suitable for business/school as well as to learn a few things, as you see your recommended changes!” – Benny the irishpolyglot (more…)

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[Update] Even More Public Video Pledges

January 26th, 2014 | Posted by Jim in Language Challenge | Motivation - (Comments Off on [Update] Even More Public Video Pledges)

OK… OK… we’re still getting more Public Video Pledges. When we received the first batch of Public Video Pledges we thought that was pretty cool as we really didn’t know if anyone would do it. We were pleasantly surprised when we received even more Public Video Pledges and put up the second batch. Even though we are approaching the second week of the Language Challenge, we received even more video pledges from Challengers. Take some time to watch these pledges below.

Again, we want to applaud those all our Challengers who were brave enough to publicly promising to finish the Challenge. There’s still time so you can make your Public Video Pledge and earn 50ITC as a bonus!(Click here for more details)

Let’s give the following Challengers a big round of digital applause by commenting on their Notebook Entrees! We also hope that these pledges serve as motivation for you to finish the Challenge!

Laura from Spain
Laura hails from Spain but is now living in Peru and has joined the Challenge to learn Korean. She is also one of our newest Professional Teachers teaching Spanish and English. If you’re taking the Challenge and learning any of these 2 languages, you should take some lessons with her. Teachers with her experience and credentials get their schedules booked very quickly so make a request now as she is new. Also make sure to thumbs up her notebook entry and give her some love for her efforts in the Challenge.


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