Watch This! – The italki Language Challenge Video

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Brian Foley is one of our newest Community Tutors.  If we had a contest for best Teacher Introduction video, he would win it hands-down.

We were so impressed with his video making ability, was asked if he might be able to make a Language Challenge video for us… to which he enthusiastically said yes and created. We had no idea what he was going to create but were pleasantly surprised by this masterpiece!

This video not only is hilarious to watch but it really inspires you to take the Language Challenge!

Even though the Challenge has already begun, you can still join until June 15th!
(you’ll just have to work extra hard to catch up!)

Sign Up For the 2014 italki World Cup Language Challenge

Brian is looking for new students now and he probably can do some video editing work should you need it as well.

When we received the first batch of Public Video Pledges, we thought that was pretty cool as we really didn’t know if anyone would do it. We were pleasantly surprised when we’ve received even more Public Video Pledges and put up the second batch.

You really need to take some time to watch these Public Video Pledges as we hope these will serve as some inspiration for you to start learning a new language now!!!

Once again we want to congratulate all our Challengers who promised to finish the Challenge and we want to remind to all of you who have not joined the World Cup Language Challenge yet, that there is still time to register and to make your Public Video Pledge and earn 50ITC as a bonus! (Click here for more details)

Megan  from the United States
Megan decided to take part in the World Cup Language Challenge to learn Croatian. She will be taking 25 hours worth of lessons in this language plus she has committed to study one hour a day on her own. Her Public Video pledge is below. Please comment on her Notebook entry!

As Megan hails from the United States, she hopes USA win the World Cup! However, she feels that it’s Germany or Spain winning the World Cup!


Charise  from the United States
Charise is learning Korean and her goal is to reach the intermediate level by the end of the Challenge. She publicly pledged to complete 2 to 3 lessons every week for the Language Challenge. She will also try to publish a video a week to show us her progresses. Let’s wish her good luck by commenting on her Notebook entry!


italki World Cup Language Challenge Week 1: Reading a Book on Camera

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Lindsaydoeslanguages is blogging about her World Cup Language Challenge and we’re reposting here to share with the entire italki Community. This blog post originally was posted on website.

Week 1

So far, so good! I’m four lessons into my italki World Cup Language Challenge learning Portuguese and it’s going pretty darn well.

I’ve had three lessons with Brazilian Portuguese speakers and one with a European Portuguese speaker and I’m really glad I’ve opted for the mix. Learning the two variations parallel is surprisingly fun and kind of helpful. Somehow they’re managing to stay separate in my brain. For now, anyway!

This Week’s Goal

This week, I set myself the task of reading a chapter of the book Caro Bruce Springsteen on camera. Why? That’s a good question! This may seem completely random but the reason is that this book cost just 50 cents from a book stall in Portugal last summer – proof that language learning doesn’t have to cost the earth.

I’m also reading because in these early stages I want to focus on pronunciation to stop me from making potential mistakes later on. If I’m reading something out loud, then all of my attention is on what’s on the page. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to say at the same time, which takes a lot of brain power out of pronunciation practise. I also really hate those pronunciation sections at the start of language books when they teach you completely random words just because they have a letter combination or unusual vowel sound. I learn by doing, so this is a way I can learn by doing: reading!

Here’s this week’s (sun-tinted!) video of me reading a short chapter from the book. Enjoy!

Continuing from our first post of Public Video Pledges, we’ve received more from dedicated Challengers all over the world who have bravely posted their Public Video Pledge!

We want to applaud those all our Challengers who were brave enough to publicly promising to finish the Challenge, but don’t forget that there’s still time for you to make your Public Video Pledge and earn 50ITC as a bonus! (Click here for more details)

We also hope that these pledges will serve as some inspiration for you to learn a new language now!

Murillo Costa  from Brazil
This is a great Public Pledge from Murillo, who is also one of our Community Tutor. Murillo teaches Portuguese and he is learning French and Russian for the World Cup Language Challenge. He is committing 1 lesson of French and 2 lessons of Russian a week to finish the Challenge. Cheer him on by Notebook post here.

Surprisingly, Murillo does not want Brazil to win the World Cup, but he supports Spain!


Arthur  from Brazil
Arthur is a beginner and he is taking the challenge to improve his Italian skills. He is committing to taking 2 to 3 lessons a week to complete the challenge. Show that you care by commenting on his Notebook entry.

Arthur hopes Germany win the World Cup.


Tosha  from the United States
Tosha is learning Spanish for our World Cup Language Challenge and she is also a Community Tutor who teaches English on italki. Her Spanish speaking skills are actually quite good already as you can see and hear from this video below, but she really wants to take it to the next level since she will be spending some time in Mexico. Tosha is committing 2 to 3 English lessons a week to finish the Challenge. Please show your support by leaving some nice comments on her Notebook entry.

Tosha wants Brazil to win the trophy! (more…)

We’re Doing it!  So Should You!

If you’re taking the Langauge Challenge and really want to succeed, we’re giving away 50ITC if you make a Public Video Pledge!  Why would you ever want to do this? (Click here for more details)  Please take some time to motivate and encourage our Public Video Pledge Challengers by commenting on their Notebook entrees!

Lindsaydoeslanguages from England
Lindsay is a veteran italki Challenge winner.  She’s a Polyglot and well known blogger and vlogger on her popular Language Learning website  She’s going to be blogging about her experiences tackling Portuguese throughout the Challenge.  Send her some words of encouragement on her Notebook entry!

Lindsay also thinks that England will win the World Cup!