Launching Levels-Based SpeakENG Online Courses

March 30th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in marketplace - (Comments Off on Launching Levels-Based SpeakENG Online Courses)

For italki users that are learning English, now you can purchase SpeakENG Online Courses on a levels basis. This gives you a clear sense of the range of SpeakENG Courses, as well as helps you choose a SpeakENG Online Course specifically for your English level. As your English improves, you’ll be able to see your progress: Beginner English (99), Elementary English (101, 102), Intermediate English (202), and Advanced English (301, 302, 303).

SpeakENG Online Courses have been designed to help people learn English anywhere with an internet connection. The content for SpeakENG’s Online Courses are based on Pearson’s English Language Learning and Instruction System (ELLIS). Every SpeakENG Online Course also comes with a 15-minute live tutoring session with an American certified professional teacher.

As before, you can purchase additional time with SpeakENG teachers or purchase a one-year subscription to SpeakENG that includes all Online Course levels. If you’re not sure which level is right for you, or are interested in getting an assessment level test of your English, we recommend looking at the SpeakENG Sampler.

italki is trying to find a price for learning a language that is accessible to everybody around the world. SpeakENG Online Courses use the same content that is being offered at much higher prices from expensive offline English training institutes.

As always, let us know through your feedback how we can improve italki and its partnership products.

The italki team

Test Your English and Explore Every Level of SpeakENG with the SpeakENG Sampler

March 30th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in marketplace - (Comments Off on Test Your English and Explore Every Level of SpeakENG with the SpeakENG Sampler)

For italki users that are learning English, there’s now a new SpeakENG Sampler. The SpeakENG Sampler is a great way to get an assessment of your English level, and to try out all the different levels of SpeakENG Online Courses. With the Sampler, you get:

  • English Level Assessment Test
  • Access to the first lesson of every level of SpeakENG Online Courses

The English Level Assessment Test

The English Level Assessment Test is an adaptive online test that comprehensively assesses your English level. You’ll get scored on your grammar understanding, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and more. Since the test is adaptive, everybody who takes the test will see a different set of questions. Your test scores also correlate with an equivalent TOEFL and TOEIC score, which should be helpful if you are planning to take those exams.

Access to the first lesson of every level of SpeakENG Online Courses

The SpeakENG Sampler will get you access to the first lesson of every SpeakENG Online Course. This will give you an idea of the range of exercises and content that you’ll be exposed to in SpeakENG. In general, there are 15-20 lessons per full SpeakENG Online Course. If you’re not sure which level to purchase, the Sampler can ensure you choose the right level.

We think this is great choice for English learners that are new to the world of SpeakENG. You can get an objective assessment of your English level, as well as a direct view into what SpeakENG courses would be the best fit for you.

View the SpeakENG Sampler.
View the list of SpeakENG Online Courses.

The italki team

language-marketplaceIt’s been two months since we launched the open beta of our Language Marketplace (announcement), and we wanted to say we’ve been very pleased so far. The Language Marketplace is where students can pay for online lessons and teachers can get paid to teach a foreign language. In this short time, we’ve already had over 2500 teachers register to teach 70 languages online! Of the teachers, over 20% are professionals, meaning we have over 500 experienced language teachers ready to teach you on italki.

Through looking at our marketplace, we’ve also learned a lot about paying students. It’s not a surprise that English is the most popular language to study. Over 50% of the sessions taught have been for learning English. Given that most non-native speakers have a general desire to learn English, we think this is a sign of how much unmet demand there is for English language teachers. Interestingly, learning Chinese Mandarin is the second most popular choice, followed by learning Spanish. As Chinese Mandarin grows in importance, we believe more and more people will look online to find a teacher. In many areas around the world, Chinese teachers may not be available, and online teaching rates seem very reasonable.

We’ve also found that many students are using the Free Trial feature to find the right teacher for them. This is a great way for students to test out a couple of teachers and find the one that has the most compatible learning style. It’s also a good opportunity for teachers to get a better understanding of how the system works, and a student’s particular needs and ability level.

Overall, we think the growth in the number of students purchasing italki credits and bookings sessions with language teachers is a sign that people are getting more comfortable with the idea of learning online. This should be good news for all the internet startups in this space (Edufire, WizIQ, ForteMall, Sclipo, and Moontoast) who have a similar vision that education will eventually come from many sources.

Keep telling us what you think about the site and our Language Marketplace. And keep following the blog — we’ll keep you updated as we put up new features. The italki team