New italki Help Pages

December 17th, 2009 | Posted by Toffler in feature - (Comments Off on New italki Help Pages)

Sometimes people want more explanations of how to use the various features on italki. That’s why we’ve created the italki Help Pages:

If you’re unsure how to use a feature on italki, simply click the image at the top of any page and it will take you straight to that Help section. The Help images look like this:

200911 help answers Bravo3

In the Help Pages, you’ll find explanations of every feature and policy on italki. For example:


We often hear from new users that they have no idea where to begin on italki. Even older users don’t know the details on how the teaching marketplace works. We wanted to start pulling together the best explanations of what italki can do, and put those in a central place where everyone can get access. ย If you don’t want to view the help banners anymore, you can click on “hide explanation” in the upper right corner.

If you have suggestions for additional topics or questions to be covered in the Help Pages, please contact us through our feedback form or email us at feedback (at) italki (dot) com and let us know.ย  We’ll keep expanding these pages so that they’ll eventually cover everything you need to know about italki.