The New Language Challenge is Here!

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by ross in Language Challenge - (Comments Off on The New Language Challenge is Here!)


When you’re learning a language, sometimes you need an upcoming overseas holiday or a newfound love to push you to study. While we can’t help you with your travel plans or love life, we can give your language learning a jumpstart with our italki Language Challenge!


Complete 20 lessons by the end of September and win 30 USD in language credits!

This is italki’s third language challenge, and this time, we are giving you not 2 weeks, not 4 weeks, but 6 WHOLE WEEKS to complete your lessons on italki. On completion of the 20 lessons, we will give you 30 USD for language lessons. Most important, you will have improved your language skills. Nothing beats learning and winning at the same time. (more…)