We’re always trying to improve italki to make it easier for you to use. As the number of features on italki have grown, we’ve noticed it has gotten harder to find language-specific resources. That’s why we’ve reorganized the site around languages.

  • Language-related features are on the left-side menu.
  • Personal functions are now on the top menu.


Changing Languagesitalki_change

If you want to change the language, simply click on the title of the language or the icon, and you will be able to select another language.

This is an experimental layout, and we’ll be listening to your feedback. If you have suggestions or encounter a problem, please let us know through feedback or by sending us an email at feedback at italki dot com.

Special Request: Translation

Finally, since this is a new version of the website, many areas of the site have not been translated yet. If you see a bad translation or an area which is still using English, please use the feedback button, and write us a short note with both the wrong words and the corrected version. We really appreciate the help, and every correction helps make italki more accessible for everyone!

The italki team