China UnionPay: China’s main bankcard payment system on italki

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中文版: 连到我们的中文博客: 中国银联在 italki.
China UnionPay
We’re excited to now offer China UnionPay on italki. China UnionPay is China’s largest interbank payment network, and almost every ATM card in China supports China UnionPay. For many Chinese, paying with their bank card is one of the most convenient methods of purchasing products and transfering money. By simply going to any ATM machine, a person can use their card to directly transfer money to another card.

When you use China UnionPay on italki – you’ll first be taken to China UnionPay’s payment gateway. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to choose which bank issued your card. Each bank will have its own payment process — most will let you transact online with your bankcard.

China UnionPay - Bank OptionsChina UnionPay - Enter your details

We hope this allows more users in China to get access to italki teachers and italki marketplace partners. We also want to say keep paying attention to the blog, because we have many more improvements coming soon.

WebMoney: Payment partner for Russia and CIS countries

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Мы принимаем WebMoney (WMZ purse) в нашем Магазине при оплате онлайн-уроков с преподавателями и покупке курсов английскогоязыка. WebMoney является партнером Ukash, webmoney_logoчто делает онлайн-платежи еще более удобными и предоставляет более широкий спектр услуг.

Благодаря WebMoney любой участник italki может самостоятельно составлять расписание занятий с квалифицированными преподавателями прямо в нашем Магазине.  С WebMoney приобретение валюты на italki, а следовательно и доступ к услугам преподавателей  italki стали намного проще для жителей России, Украины, Европы и стран Средней Азии. Сейчас улуги могут быть оплачены посредством кредитных карт, WebMoney, Paypal, cashU, Alipay.

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italki can now accept payments through WebMoney (WMZ purse). WebMoney is a popular form of payment in Russia, CIS countries, and Europe.

Limited payment options act as a barrier for many users to transact with other people. Many countries do not have access to convenient forms of online payment like Paypal, and very few people have the ability to accept credit cards as a form of payment.

We hope that these payment options will make it easier for users to pay for teachers and language services on italki.  We are continuing to add more features and payment options to make italki even more useful for language students and teachers around the world.

bank transfer2As of today, italki can now accept bank transfer as a form of payment to buy italki Credits or marketplace products like the SpeakEng English course.  italki can accept bank transfers from about 60 countries worldwide. This can be helpful for some users that don’t have access to other forms of payment like credit cards or Paypal. In short, users can now go to their bank and make a purchase by doing a domestic bank transfer to a designated account.

In general, the process works like this.
When you go to purchase italki credits, you will have a new option labeled bank transfer.

bank transfer

After you select bank transfer, you will be asked to confirm the amount of italki credit to purchase, and which country is your bank in. The designated bank account will be different depending on the country, and this helps keep the bank transfer fees very low.

which country

Then you will be taken to a screen that will show you the information you will need to transfer the money. This information will include the bank name, city, payee, SWIFT Code, country, and account number. Crucially it will also include a “Reference Number”. It is crucial that you include the Reference Number when you transfer the funds. This will ensure that your account on italki is credited properly.

send bank transfer payment

With this information you should be able to do an online transfer from your bank’s website or go there in-person to transfer the money.

If you have any questions, you can check our help section on bank transfers.

We hope offering more payment options will allow more of our users to participate in the italki marketplace. If there’s a specific form of payment you would like to see on italki, please leave a comment or email feedback at italki dot com.


cashU from Maktoob

We’re excited to announce that we’ve now started accepting payments through cashU. cashU is a popular payment service that is used in many countries where credit card payments are not accepted. In the Middle East, for example, credit cards are not often used online due to fraud and security concerns. However, cashU has payment options such as prepaid scratch cards that are a secure method for handling online payments.

Roughly 15% of italki users come from the Middle East, and we hope that by expanding their payment options that more users will be able to participate in the language marketplace.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

We believe that the potential market is all of these regions is immense, especially when compared with offline learning options. For example, we believe being able to learn English with online courses for $16 USD / year, and with professional online teachers, could radically change the language education market.

cashU is part of the Maktoob Group, which operates one of the Arabic region’s leading portals ( cashU is offered in 28 countries around the world, including the Middle East, China and some European countries.

We’re planning to add more payment options in the near future, and we’ll let you know about those here on the blog.

Arabic Press Release (PDF)

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