bizsparkitalki was named Startup of the Day as part of the Microsoft Bizspark program. We’re excited to get the exposure, as we’re still trying to tell the world about italki and the potential for online language learning. You can read a short interview about us on the Startup of the Day page.

microsoft startup zoneBeing part of Microsoft Bizspark has helped us a lot. Through Bizspark, we’ve gotten access to the entire range of Microsoft development tools, from products like Visual Studio to licenses for SQL Server databases. Database licenses, in particular, can be a heavy cost for startups (Bizspark licenses can be used for production servers), and this has certainly helped us keep our burn rate low. Unfortunately, some companies in China do not pay for software licenses, and this reflects a larger problem with intellectual property here, including movies, TV shows, music, books, and more.

rackspace_logoGetting ourselves on Bizspark was easy, and for that, we also have to thank our hosting provider, Rackspace. We’ve been really impressed the service they provide. Running a development center far away from the servers themselves can be tough, and having a strong partner for managed hosting has made our lives much easier.

The italki Team