New User Home Page

April 7th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin in feature - (Comments Off on New User Home Page)

We just wanted to let you know that we’re planning to revise many features at italki in the coming weeks. Last year we were busy making improvements on the italki marketplace, and now we’re working on improvements on the social network. We hope that these changes will help make it easier for you (our users) to interact with your italki friends, as well as other language learners who could use your help.

Our first change is the user homepage.

We’ve shifted towards using an Updates section, which is more similar to a newsfeed of what you and your italki friends are doing. You’ll be able to quickly see your friends’ recent activity, as well as see responses to questions or group discussions that you’ve started.

We’ve also created a Recommendations box which shows you things like questions that you might be able to answer, interesting group discussions, recommendations of language partners, and more. You can control what you see for your recommendations in the settings area.

We have a lot more site improvements coming. As always, please keep sending us your ideas and feedback. We do read all of your feedback, and please just be patient if your suggestion hasn’t been implemented yet. As we hear other users make the same requests, it definitely tells us what we need to focus on!

Finally, keep paying attention to the site and the blog. We have more improvements coming soon!

The italki team