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italki is a growing language education startup, that is focused on the human side of language learning. Everyday we connect millions of learners to natives of more than 75 languages. The italki team is a multinational group of language lovers and tech enthusiasts. Both English and Mandarin are our official office languages. We’re growing quickly and we’re hiring! Please send your CV to recruiting@italki.com.


At italki, you will work with engineers and designers in a diverse and rapidly changing environment.  We are seeking a UI/UX Designer that’ll help us develop the most friendly and engaging language learning experience on the web. You’ll tackle complex usability/learning tasks and translate those needs into simple and appealing designs. You value friendly interface design and you can effectively communicate difficult design concepts.


You can produce sketches, wireframes and mockups in an iterative product development environment. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: user research, interface design, usability testing, close collaboration with the product managers and developers, and occasional collaboration with marketing and customer service.


We are a fast-growing tech startup looking for an individual who wants to be part of an exciting, yet relaxed working environment. Join our team and help expand our presence in the customer support marketplace. The position is based in Shanghai, China. Candidates not based in China or not able to relocate to Shanghai, China need not apply.



  • 负责网站的设计以及新产品的交互和UI设计。
  • 负责移动产品(iPhone,iPad,Android ,微信服务号)的交互和UI设计。
  • 编写界面交互设计文档,给出产品交互原型。
  • 通过已有的网站设计标准对现有产品的界面提出改进方案,持续优化产品的用户体验。
  • 对产品流程、用户操作流程及用户需求有深入理解


  • Responsible for website design and new product interaction and UI design.
  • Responsible for mobile products (iPhone, iPad, Android, WeChat service number) interaction and UI design.
  • Write interface interaction design document, and give the product interactive prototype.
  • Through existing web site design standards to improve the interface of existing products, and constantly optimize the user experience of the product.
  • A thorough understanding of the product process, user processes and user requirements.



  • 三年以上UI设计交互工作经历,有较强的美术功底和设计能力,可独立完成设计工作。
  • 精通photoshop、Sketch、illustrator、flash、dreamweaver等常用工具。
  • 热爱设计,善于创新,有互联网及移动互联网产品设计经验。
  • 有良好的创意和页面规划能力,能很好的把握色彩与布局,熟悉用户体验。
  • 良好的沟通能力和团队协作能力,善于学习,自我驱动,了解和学习新技术


  • At least three years working experience in UI design, strong art foundation and design ability, can work independently.
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Sketch, illustrator and other common tools.
  • Passion for design, innovation, Internet and mobile Internet product design experience.
  • Good creative and page planning ability, good grasp of color and layout, familiar with the user experience.
  • Good communication skills and teamwork ability, good at learning, self driving, understanding and learning new technologies.
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